20 Hilarious Security Fails Showing That Some Folks Are Nitwitted

One area where you always want to do things correctly is security. When it comes to security, things may go awry very quickly if they aren't, which means that a lapse in routine could be quite harmful. Fortunately, some of them will undoubtedly be quite humorous as well.
This article examines 54 instances of security that was, at best, negligent and severely loose. Although the outcomes are frequently pretty amusing, they make you question how safe anything really is.

#1. Polaroid Security Camera

Source: dnack

#2. Wooden Anti Car-Theft Device

Source: acidcow

#3. Hard To Enter, Painful To Exit Door

Source: reddit

#4. Toilet paper secured, sir

Source: vitekr

#5. How To Properly Use An ATM At Night

Source: outerspace

#6. Damn! I'll have to find another way in.

Source: SecFails

#7. DIY Zombie Head Smasher

Source: Imgur

#8. Locked Up Fridge

Source: pikabu

#9. Seems legit...

Source: Imgur

#10. Locking Car Doors With A Chain

Source: vk

#11. Just Take The Sign Down When You Don’t Want To Be Robbed

Source: Top-notch security at my local daycare centre.

#12. How Could Anyone Steal These Scissors Now?

Source: Jobyn

#13. Thief-Proof Car Case

Source: acidcow

#14. No Bears Are Allowed In This Dumpster

Source: hootersbutwithcats

#15. Hard To Steal A Bike

Source: nibbaids

#16. Life-Sized Photo Of Security Guard

Source: Forlurn

#17. Locking A Drawer

Source: techbuzz

#18. Locked Coffee Mug

Source: tonterias

#19. Rumba With A Knife

Source: 9Fingers

#20. Keep Those Sandals Safe!

Source: Imgur

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