20 Hilarious, Relatable Moments When Parents Tell Bombing Truths About Raising Kids

Being parents is unbelievably rewarding, except when it makes you want to sob uncontrollably. When it comes to parenting, no words can describe how moms and dads truly feel about their children. Kids are not always little angels, and raising them takes a whole village to join hands. Besides, many parents become someone so different that they don't even realize themselves. After having children, they have no traces of the young-and-beautiful kings and queens they used to be.

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On the other hand, only parents have the privilege of knowing how wonderful it is to live with babies. Nowadays, though there are numerous joys we can be given, the one coming from waiting for, bearing, giving birth to, and looking after a baby is incomparable. There is one and only one way to know that joy: pushing through the experience.

Parenthoods are priceless. Not only do they bring sacred meanings to life, but they also put smiles on everyone's faces. Don't believe it? Read these tweets right away!

#1. Sure

Source: @momTruthBomb

#2. 100% panic

Source: @momTruthBomb

#3. She lost it

Source: @momTruthBomb

#4. Motherhood is full of surprises

Source: @MetteAngerhofer

#5. Dad's lost inside

Source: @MommyingHard

#6. Over, and over and over and over, again

Source: @mcdadstuff

#7. Wait until he hits 8

Source: @RYGdance

#8. Always hungry!

Source: @DadSetAgainst

#9. With more promo offers

Source: @Chhapiness

#10. It's not a wall; it's a palette.

Source: @milifeasdad

#11. No, he won't do that!!

Source: @deloisivete

#12. That kid is going places.

Source: @mommeh_dearest

#13. "Trust me I've definitely brushed my teeth."

Source: @IHideFromMyKids

#14. Ceasin's meetings!

Source: @deloisivete

#15. What a sweet daughter.

Source: @Dad_At_Law

#16. So true

Source: @kevinthedad

#17. It's the only way.

Source: @itssherifield

#18. Smart kid

Source: @kevinthedad

#19. Wait til pick-lick-roll-flick begins…

Source: @MommyingHard

#20. It's the REMIX

Source: @mom_tho

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