20 Hilarious Posts That Prove Being An Idiot Is Crime Against Humanity

The world we live in is a vibrant one. Each of us is a separate array of colors and is part of a vivid picture. However, it will also include dark colors to reflect people's stupidity. Most of us make dumb, even idiotic mistakes from time to time, that's for sure. However, there are those instances of exceptional stupidity that we cannot comprehend. The /rfacepalm subreddit, which is dedicated to sharing people's ignorance online and in real life, will fulfill our interest in human stupidity. Perhaps after seeing these photos, your mind will spin as you try to figure out what's going on.
We’ve compiled 20 hilarious posts that prove being an idiot is a crime against humanity. This is an endless archive of unfortunate moments, sometimes embarrassing and sometimes plain pitiful. Scroll down below to check them out and enjoy!

#1. Condoms are eco-friendly, and papers are not

Source: marshmallmao

#2. Great job

Source: marshmallmao

#3. It was media control all along

Source: bradhrad

#4. Treat your kids well, then they’ll start to love you

Source: TenselyTrusty

#5. Pour guy

Source: Reddit

#6. How is this even possible

Source: sympathetic_chasm

#7. The American dream

Source: DaVinci1362

#8. Texas be looking like Gilead

Source: Reddit

#9. Hmmm

Source: Itsme_Tyrone

#10. Oops!

Source: Vendruscolo

#11. That's the whole book

Source: Reddit

#12. Time zones

Source: Waterburst789

#13. Darn millennials wanting to be able to have a living wage

Source: trolik77

#14. Yeah, imagine that

Source: 42words

#15. Which one of the many mass shootings are we talking about?

Source: letstalkaboutit24

#16. Queen Elizabeth is asking for money on internet

Source: letstalkaboutit24

#17. Oh no

Source: strwrsnerdbutbetter

#18. God forbid we let our children learn about things that actually exist

Source: turnerpike20

#19. Well yes! But…actually no…

Source: Incident_Latter

#20. Still doing better than you

Source: Sxencode

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