20 Hilarious Pictures Of Bearded Men Looking Straight Up

Do you like a bearded man or a clean-shaven man? Each person has their own taste. But many people believe that bearded men exude the macho feeling that sets them apart from boys and that they also appear better than clean-shaven males. Is that true? To find the answer, let's check out the list of 20 hilarious pictures of bearded men looking straight up below.
This internet challenge has encouraged bearded men to post selfies of themselves with their chin-ups. And they are funny pictures. What do you think about these pictures of bearded men looking straight up? Share your opinion with us by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

#1. Looking straight up with a beard

Source: kaevondong

#2. Normally I don't care for Facebook but this did give me a laugh

Source: LAB1A

#3. Oh my...

Source: Henri Henkko Nieminen

#4. This pic gone very wrong

Source: unknown

#5. This reminds me of hagrid a bit

Source: LAB1A

#6. LOL!

Source: unknown

#7. Ughh can't look at this photo

Source: unknown

#8. Umm

Source: unknown

#9. You combed it

Source: v78

#10. Oh my... that is just wrong

Source: unknown

#11. My friend has a beard - he looked up today

Source: o_TWICKS_o

#12. Apparently my beard looks like an angry penis from the underside

Bearded MenSource: Matthew Robert Whitaker

#13. Aaaaahhhhh

Bearded MenSource: unknown

#14. Looking straight up + Photoshopping face onto neck = Nightmare fuel

Bearded MenSource: mmmike917

#15. Just no...

Bearded MenSource: LAB1A

#16. Pretty good!

Bearded MenSource: LAB1A

#17. Oh no

Bearded MenSource: LAB1A

#18. Hahahahaha

Bearded MenSource: BavarianWolverine

#19. Hilarious

Bearded MenSource: StSomaa

#20. Hey bearded people. Look straight up and take a photo. It looks so funny!!

Bearded MenSource: Kyle Michael Wilson

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