20 Hair-Dye Failures That Will Have You Laughing And Crying At The Same Time (New Pics)

Is it true that dying your hair makes you stand out? You probably already knew the response I was going to give if you asked me that question. Undoubtedly, coloring your hair will make you appear more unique and attractive. But don't expect us to show you photos of beautiful hair today. We will talk about another topic, hair-dye failures. If you've ever experimented with your hair, you know that most of us are prone to making mistakes. This can cause the hue to deviate significantly from what we expect, or it may be that you are allergic to the dye chemicals, causing your face to swell. Even if they are humorous, these photos may accurately depict the misery of the people in them.
So, are you ready to scroll down and see a collection of hair-dye failures that will have you laughing and crying at the same time? Remember to share them with your family and friends. Let's get started!

#1. We had an incident today- I think it was a faulty bottle because hair dye didn’t do this. But, Nora is in HEAVEN she’s dyed head-to-toe pink. So we will call it a lose-win

Source: jennanemelka

#2. My friend wants to go to school to be a hairdresser, I let her practice on my hair

Source: KillTh3King

#3. What my hair looked like - what I asked for - and how it turned out

Source: carli_snyder

#4. So my wife colored her hair yesterday

Source: cootrswampgrass

#5. What could go wrong if I dye my hair in front of my laptop?

Source: Rilalia

#6. An allergic reaction to hair dye

Source: DoctorYogurtButler

#7. During... And after. Yep, Neil's hair doesn't do dyeing

Source: outofmytree

#8. When you ask your husband to dye your hair

Source: rldiplock

#9. Hmmm

Source: magenta.girl.x

#10. So my hair dye decided to bleed onto my whole body in the shower

Source: adrienneirda

#11. When you practically burn off about half your hair but you're still basically orange lol oops guess this stuff is stronger than the stuff I used to use, I'll know for next time lol.

Source: evavangel

#12. Accidentally put the hair dye gloves on backward. My stupidity knows no bounds

Source: tinyeehole

#13. Are you meant to use gloves when u dye ur hair?

Source: EuropaMaddie

#14. Pls don't

Source: Valenette

#15. dyed everything EXCEPT for my hair... including my dyed everything EXCEPT for my hair... including my tongue, nail beds, and corneas, nail beds, and corneas

Source: thievesbrotherhood

#16. Dip dye debacle

Source: Seventeen

#17. Plastic problems

Source: Seventeen

#18. Caught pink-handed

Source: Seventeen

#19. Someone used a plastic Walmart bag to keep the heat in while bleaching their hair...with predictable results

Source: theghostofme

#20. Oh no

Source: Woman's day

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