20 Funny Pics Of Construction Fails That'll Make You Break Out In A Heavy Sweat (New Pics)

Isn't it true that safety and perfection come first? No, no. That is not how the world operates. Have you ever seen work done carelessly that does not assure adequate safety when put into operation? We sincerely apologize to the investors and everyone who will benefit from the works. Because of several variables, the construction worker profession may be more challenging than other vocations; yet, this is not a good explanation for neglect while working.

We've compiled a compilation of funny pics of construction fails that will make you sweating and chilled. Scroll down to see them and feel free to share them with your relatives. Have a fantastic time, guys.

#1. My friend is having trouble finding good contractors for a garage conversion. Saw this yesterday

Source: SacrificeLambz

#2. No one will ever see

Source: jeffsonderfan

#3. Spotted in a neighborhood I was working in

Source: Impoverishedinvestor

#4. He wants to get paid after this tile fail

Source: lilbigmadd

#5. Atleast the chiropractor is nearby

Source: HubertJackson22

#6. Why poop alone when you can poop with Friends

Source: 73randon

#7. Shower bench failure at less than 3 years

Source: WantToUnderstandToo

#8. I was asked if this can be repaired…mind you these 4x4s are 4’ short of the 24’ height needed

Source: Breadboxncoco

#9. What’s the point of this balcony?

Source: TD-TradeMarked

#10. Looks straight to me

Source: fluffito5

#11. Lunch poured in a beam

Source: Skier94

#12. No ac? No problem

Source: ShipHistorian

#13. Courting disaster

Source: 63ceasar

#14. Solar contractors left my moms house like this. Should I be concerned?

Source: ZarkMuckerberg9009

#15. Nailed It

Source: ObjectCapital1468

#16. Perfect

Source: James_T_S

#17. Preventative maintenance is 3x cheaper than reactive maintenance

Source: Zestyclose_Bed_6338

#18. Doing the roof with concrete blocks

Source: bofhsp

#19. 5 boxes = 5 times as safe?

Source: slinkyderp

#20. "Boss, we need a bigger partition. Make it work"


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