20 Funny Photographs Of Folks Realizing They Weren't As Lucky As They Thought

Nothing is worse than getting ready for work and discovering that your car is covered in snow or that a bag of cat excrement has spilled all over the hallway/kitchen floor. It is terrible, right? But if you don't know, I will say that the world puts us to the test with horrible days like that, and if you can get past your negative emotions, I'm sure good things will come your way. Trust me, life is fair, and bad days just make you stronger each day.
We've compiled 20 funny photographs of folks realizing they weren't as lucky as they thought. We guarantee they'll make you laugh out loud. Scroll down to see them, and don't be shy about leaving a comment. Let's get started.

#1. All the frosting on my donut came off

Source: alecza-cs

#2. Just finished chopping 2 years' worth of firewood just for the barn I was storing the firewood in to burn down

Source: BeastlyBucaroos

#3. We didn’t have enough cash

Source: mdbombers

#4. Used a coin to “scratch and reveal” the pin for this gift card…and it took a couple of the numbers along with it.

Source: Professional_Fix6181

#5. The store-bought apple pie had a surprise inside

Source: Incola_Montis

#6. A fire randomly started in my parents' garage as we showed up for Easter

Source: PoisonWaffle3

#7. I was sitting at a red light and my back glass suddenly shattered with a loud pop. The person behind us said they didn't see anything hit it. We were on our way to see family for Easter

Source: anthonycarbine

#8. Dropped one of my earbuds on the forest floor. It bounced. It’s just started thundering

Source: Grven

#9. A bagful of cat poop just split over my hallway/kitchen floor

Source: RinellaWasHere

#10. I saw this on screen, for 5 hours. I caught 0

Source: Double_Difficulty538

#11. After months in the heat without a cold drink finally got a Pepsi, and this happens

Source: ebann001

#12. We discovered one of our poor cars suffered a smash-and-grab right before I got baptized yesterday

Source: Work_n_Depression

#13. Used a little too much force in blowing out these candles

Source: luckydice1224

#14. We had a little wind yesterday. Time to dig it out

Source: Hiptoro

#15. You can quickly and easily poach an egg in the microwave

Source: TheNukedWhale

#16. Hmm

Source: AlexRoseNews

#17. Not sure my school understands the meaning of the word vegetarian


#18. My house is under renovation and the mason assured me that it would only take two days to close the roof and not get wet here

Source: Vhad42

#19. Do you think my lunch is done?

Source: therealbluejuce

#20. Over 20 years of collecting MTG cards. Ruined by a water line break in the basement

Source: kbkaras

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