20 Funny "Mild Vandalism" Pics That Turn Serious Signs Into Hilarious Stuffs

When we think about vandalism, we automatically conjure up images of obnoxious graffiti on recently painted walls, shattered storefront windows, and other types of property destruction. There is a subreddit out there, though, that seeks to demonstrate that not all vandalism is malevolent.
You will certainly grin after reading the funny examples of "mild vandalism" posted by members of the r/MildlyVandalised subreddit. Check out some of the funniest posts from this subreddit in the image below, including mustaches drawn on realtor ads and animal stickers used to conceal "racist garbage"!

#1. I love everything this sub stands for.

Source: Besidesbabbitt226

#2. Found this in a bathroom at University.

Source: __Obscure__

#3. Someone is taking up the fight against "big plumbing"

Source: ulajn

#4. Free hat in every box

Source: morefetus

#5. Free Posters!

Source: GT8686

#6. Found in Japan (with translation)

Source: thefizzynator

#7. Dr. A. Hedgehog

Source: thefalloftroy

#8. this is a great idea

Source: crabnox

#9. British vandals

Source: ElDokaw

#10. This is what a f(emin)ist looks like

Source: CloudingtonX

#11. Some of the old tiles in the underpass fell off

Source: piratesushi

#12. No, he didn’t.

Source: morefetus

#13. T-Mobile wait lines

Source: lethol

#14. A novel way to complain...

Source: VerGuy

#15. It’s got my vote

Source: BenCL648

#16. Just a piece of tape and a sharpie

Source: Willickep

#17. I wanna wish you a merry christmas...

Source: nlfn

#18. Dave

Source: AjaxTheFurryFuzzball

#19. Not sure if this is too impressive to be considered mild...

Source: freylaverse

#20. A picture of some mild vandalism, by yours truly.

Source: ill-fed

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