20 Funnily Random Photos That Are Goddamn True

There are some truths that everyone can agree upon. For instance, your hair always looks its finest five minutes or so before the hairdresser is through cutting it. When they cut away, everything is going well, but in the final few clips, everything fails. It's a fact, but there is no true cause for it and no logical justification either.
Yet that's only one of the many indisputable truths that these 20 hilarious pics illustrate. Those are amusing life lessons and scenarios that we have all experienced at some point. You'll probably find yourself nodding in agreement as you view the pictures. Though life is often random, it can sometimes be great.

#1. Dinner goes better with Entertainment.

Source: Freddyamazin

#2. Cats and dogs are viewed differently.

Source: Jaimekampos

#3. Getting out of bed is the worst part of the day.

Source: 1_natematthews

#4. Bathroom trips require reading material.

Source: imdaviedave

#5. Sunglasses with writing on them cost more.

Source: DrMaxPayne

#6. No one looks good when sitting in a salon chair.

Source: jonny_dodds

#7. Shipping costs can be a dealbreaker.

Source: yalondarenee

#8. A couple of carefully placed graphics make all the difference.

Source: DrMaxPayne

#9. Getting a cold makes you appreciate being healthy.

Source: savagestxph

#10. Airplane mode on cellphones is not just for air travel.

Source: Noodlefloop

#11. The older you are, the nicer your signature is.

Source: DrMaxPayne

#12. Delivery drivers are some of the fastest runners.

Source: abedelrey

#13. Scary movies are not really all that fun.

Source: mikedopee

#14. Seatbelts are only important in certain situations.

Source: DrMaxPayne

#15. Waiting on packages to arrive can be very painful.

Source: curlyheadred

#16. A charged phone is a lifesaver when you are out alone.

Source: makeupbymario

#17. Alcohol is surprisingly sketchy.

Source: DrMaxPayne

#18. People who don’t respond to calls have no excuse.

Source: Dretyjo

#19. Dealing with a mosquito bite is as easy as making an X.

Source: 9gag

#20. Desks keep getting smaller as you get older.

Source: DrMaxPayne

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