20 Failed Panoramic Photos That Will Make You Go "LOL"

Have you ever tried taking a panoramic photo? If you have, you know it is not as simple as just pressing a button. In order to take a successful and beautiful panoramic picture, you must strictly follow certain tips shared by others who have nailed it several times before. If you don't, your photo will end up like the ones in the gallery below. A very long baby, weird faces, one person with two heads, and so on.
We created a super weird and confusing compilation of 20 failed panoramic photos that will make you roll on the floor laughing. Scroll down to check them out!

#1. The panoramic camera function is wayyy too funny

Source: Dontfeedthemarsupial

#2. Another win for the panoramic camera function

Source: MatticusJames

#3.  My brother turned his head during a panoramic shot

Source: mrmailbox

#4. Tried to take a panoramic of my girlfriend and she moved

Source: reddit

#5. Well I see dog from catdog ditched cat and found his *ss. Good for him.

Source: B0ardsnwheels

#6. Daughter showing others at the playground what happens when imitators don’t pay protection money

Source: chuffpdx

#7. When kids playing with phone, such masterpieces can be created

Source: FlyingCyprian

#8. So apparently, you can unwrap your face using your phone's panoramic mode

Source: KLGAviation

#9. Thought this was funny

Source: Due_Structure_4205

#10. Bro legit turned into a horse wtf

Source: Addebo019

#11. My father took this picture of my sister…

Source: BQjesuEM

#12. Slenderman on vacation

Source: meadcd

#13. Finger Gun Shooting Bullets

Source: Mrbrycer

#14. Looks cool though

Source: jakefr22

#15. I moved while a panoramic photo was being taken, and ended up looking like a Picasso painting.

Source: Newspaper_Edtior

#16. The double-pogging cyclops

Source: Mrbrycer

#17. So I made a panorama of my friend sitting

Source: dopici

#18. Took a panoramic shot of one of my friends

Source: FiftyOutOfFifty

#19. This man on Google Earth

Source: fly_pizza_pie

#20. The thickest neck

Source: monetpiece

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