20 Examples Of Fashion Items That Should Be Thrown In The Trash

As time goes on, it becomes more and more difficult for designers to come up with unique and jaw-droppingly original ideas for their fashion items. It seems that everything they can think of has already been tried out before. That's why some designers decided to go hard and take creativity way too far. That may be the greatest explanation for why there are so many questionable, ridiculous, weird, and odd designs, we're not sure if they should be regarded as original concepts or just plain fashion disasters.
We put up a list of 20 fashion designs that are so ridiculous that we are at a loss for words. Check out the list and have a good laugh!

#1. This is giving me low-rise war flashbacks

Source: Shannon Brady

#2. I'd like to propose a toast

Source: Christy Wyrtzen

#3. Turkey hat

Source: Christy Wyrtzen

#4. I’m so for this

Source: Finn Rollins

#5. If you ever wanted to be sand snake from Beetlejuice

Source: Cyrielle Viany


Source: Leslie Barber

#7. $445 for this

Source: Emily Folger

#8. 2.5k to look... homeless?

Source: Millie Price

#9. Ewww

Source: Savannah Paytash

#10. This made me lol

Source: Deliah Poore

#11. Dino chicken nuggets

Source: Kaitlyn Shuler

#12. Finally, a pocket

Source: Emma Kniese

#13. I'd have the best sleep in this

Source: Emily Renee

#14. Do we call them Poots?

Source: Ilse Fonk

#15. Soon enough armor will become fashionable again

Source: Amy Greenwell

#16. Well, I mean... It is toemato sauce

Source: Julia Wolkowicz

#17. Too many layers

Source: Megan Fusaro

#18. It is one of the worst

Source: Izabella Kianna

#19. I need a list of every woman who has bought this shirt

Source: Charlotte Gijsemans

#20. Even the bag is shocked

Source: Cortney Watson

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