20 Examples Of Engrisk That Will Make You Pee In Your Pants

English is one of the world's most widely spoken languages. In English, the technique of writing and pronouncing words does not always correspond. As a result, immigrants have a tough time learning English. But, it is also a medication that helps individuals want to learn more about these languages. Everyone, including indigenous people, has made amusing slips of the tongue. Me too! "Engrish" Reddit group is dedicated to posting massive examples of Engrisk and translation disasters. We appreciate that not everyone understands the language well enough to avoid these errors, but they are stupid and silly.
We made a compilation of 20 examples of Engrisk that will make you giggle. What are you waiting for? Scroll down to check them out and have a good laugh. Enjoy!

#1. Grammarma

Source: Sheepapple00

#2. Door puller motherf*ck

Source: NicholasKai123

#3. That sounds like a good deal

Source: Any-Swordfish2519

#4. Cute pigs

Source: engelthehyp

#5. Men is too headache

Source: xNooco

#6. Rude and unreasonable chicken

Source: Izgoy

#7. I don't care about the accuracy, I'm too happy for them

Source: lulala112

#8. Just five more minutes, Mom

Source: Reddit

#9. Oh, deer

Source: sohaur

#10. Delete the baby

Source: EddieP4

#11. I love going to the bathroom in China

Source: larmageddonl

#12. Wait

Source: SDeltaE


#13. How hard is it?

Source: KoolIdiot

#14. No

Source: AstralLizardon

#15. Under the rest

Source: MicrowavedToddler

#16. Mail or femail

Source: Stefano420

#17. Hmmm

Source: NopeURGay

#18. Inhumane

Source: Reddit

#19. A autopsy... Damn! So is it a male man or a feman?

Source: ToneBone12345

#20. I like that machines attitude

Source: ToneBone12345

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