20 Epic Fashion Disasters That Will Make People Wonder "What The Hell Is That?"

The fashion industry can be cutthroat as firms compete for attention and work to establish their new looks as the newest must-haves. But occasionally, a designer will utterly fail to hit the mark, leaving us with no choice but to giggle and wonder what in the world they were thinking when they drew their most recent pair of pants, skirts, or shoes. Thus, as we read through the very worst in fashion as well as the greatest of the worst, don't be scared to unleash your inner style critic.

#1. Jeans Plus Thong Equals the Jong

Whether it's jorts (jean shorts) or it's the jong, we're of the opinion that it's just plain wrong.

Source: anustickl/Reddit

#2. Can You Spot Santa?

Tis' the season to be jolly, as they say, and in the picture below, it looks like Santa Claus has quite a lot to be jolly about.

Source: ColdFireplace411/Reddit

#3. That's a Beautiful Flower You Got There

Spring is finally here, and that means it's time to break out our warm-weather dresses and all those floral prints. Just make sure that if you're going to be wearing a new item of clothing in the next few weeks, you take a look at the whole thing before going out in public.

Source: C-hip/Reddit

#4. Don't Slip on the Banana, Just Wear It

Remember that trend a while back where everything was cake out of nowhere? Apparently, there's a new one: everything is fruit. Just look at these banana sandals and tell us we're wrong!

Source: gabbois/Instagram

#5. His Grandma Bought Him This

The young man you see pictured below goes by the name Brodie Jonas, but his friends just call him BJ.

Source: buffnuggets/Reddit

#6. Where Is Uranus? Ask These PJs

Source: DasFinkin

#7. The Only Way Anyone Should Wear This Sweater

Source: NixisTM/Reddit

#8. Someone Should've Seen This Coming

It's so nice once you find a good local pub to spend evenings at. With good food, good drinks, and better company, everyone should have a local spot like this one to hang out.

Source: Reddit

#9. Pants Inspired by Really Old Soccer Balls

Source: dionnebytdionne/Reddit

#10. Elf on a Shelf but Better

Source: JPNJ/Reddit

#11. It Feels Like That Butt Is Staring at Us. Oh, Wait...

This is another great reminder not to take ourselves too seriously. If you've got some funky pants that you want to try out on the town, go ahead and do it!

Source: JPNJ/Reddit

#12. History Reincarnated

Source: baddacaci/Reddit

#13. Once You See It, You Won't Be Able to Unsee It

As we all know, when a mommy flamingo and a daddy flamingo love each other very much, they make a flamingo baby! And where does that flamingo baby come from?

Source: afaintsmellofcurry/Reddit

#14. Balenciaga’s $2,145 Bag Looks Like an IKEA Tote Bag


#15. Women's Pockets Vs. Toddler Boy's Sweatpants

Source: benjdavis/Reddit

#16. Shoes Inspired by the Worst of Nature

Source: heluhowyalldun

#17. This Brand Desperately Needs a Rebranding

Source: Durph08/Reddit

#18. Fisting Is Very Different From a Fist Bump, Walmart

Source: iEuphoria/Reddit

#19. We Dare You to Wear These to a Party

Source: LydiaAgain/Reddit

#20. No One Should Be Leaving the House in This Mask

Source: TBoneTheOriginal/Reddit

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