20 Epic Fails Of Unfortunate People Having The Worst Day Ever

The worst part of the worst day ever is the resulting depression. This mood is caused by everything, not just your boss's criticism or a fight with your spouse. It's as if the entire universe has abandoned you. At least, that's how you feel. As you are aware, there are times when the entire world seems to be against us, and it is difficult to overcome. The sink cracked, leaving a large hole. A brand new gaming monitor fell while you were setting it up, and many other bad things can happen when you least expect them.
We understand if you've had a bad day, which is why today's article is in front of your eyes. Here are 20 epic fails of unfortunate people having the worst day ever. Scroll down to see them, and don't be afraid to share them with your family. Enjoy!

#1. One of the things Nutella is not good on

Source: Sanelyexit738

#2. My neighbor has weeds in his fake grass

Source: jayhawkeye2

#3. Not quite how I wanted my morning to start

Source: olobley

#4. Over the last three agonizing weeks, my gum has been ejecting this shard of my jawbone from my wisdom tooth extraction 15 years ago. It finally came out today. 15/64" drill bit for scale. The second picture is a closeup

Source: sdonnervt

#5. There was a lovely little tree in that pot when I went to bed last night

Source: outatime20999

#6. Never stand too close to a lion even if they’re in a cage

Source: Excitertainment

#7. This is the road to my house right now

Source: IncreaseWestern6097

#8. A brand new gaming monitor fell as I was setting it up

Source: nyloneee

#9. I’m a janitor in a high school. Kids are dumb

Source: Delao_2019

#10. Mom broke her tooth after biting a Starbucks sandwich. Turns out there was a bone in the sandwich

Source: Educational_Ad1123

#11. My cutting board delivered with a small defect

Source: narraun

#12. Just getting ready to cook Valentine’s Day dinner and opened the block of cheese I bought today

Source: Thea_From_Juilliard

#13. I think there is something wrong with the exhaust

Source: StcStasi

#14. Sh*t. I was wondering why it wasn’t sanding evenly…

Source: JovanMuskoxen

#15. A truck carrying egg yolk tipped over

Source: extremeAmyloid65

#16. Electricity bill went up x4

Source: Chasedabigbase

#17. Where I live vs where the airline left my bag

Source: dingdongbannu88

#18. They need more hazard pay

Source: TurnedEvilAfterBan

#19. This happened

Source: Prestigious-Juice495

#20. The first day at job

Source: umberto_pagano

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