20 English Language Fails That Will Have You Rolling On The Floor Laughing

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Although English is spoken by over one billion people worldwide, only roughly 380 million people speak it as their mother tongue. Surprisingly, the spellings do not always correspond to the sounds they are supposed to represent. As a result, many people make silly English mistakes or write incomprehensible sentences that make us giggle. We present you the ‘Engrish’ Reddit Group, which is dedicated to posting large English language fails and translation disasters. We understand that not everyone knows the language well enough to avoid making these mistakes, but they are ridiculous and foolish.

Here is a list of hilarious English language fails that will make you laugh out loud. Trust me, your smarts go out the window when you check the pics below. Scroll down and don’t hesitate to share your biggest English fails in the comments. Enjoy!

#1. I Am Indian

Source: desimemewala

#2. Stop Living, Please!

Source: SuperLongUnagi

#3. No Is Not An Option!!!

Source: BannedUser3

#4. Where’s The Queue??

Source: pabs1988

#5. Bring Grandma In Too This

Source: callmealeksa

#6. It's Too Much

Source: Lycanfyre

#7. I Will Under The Rest?

Source: ABCD181

#8. I Choked While Reading This

Source: Ramboryback

#9. Feel Like This Belongs In This Sub

Source: xxawesomenz

#10. University Of Potato Ice

Source: Smiling_longhair6870

#11. Space Ship People

Source: BeyondFest

#12. Delete The Baby

Source: aytozee_

#13. Naruto

Source: CompetitionNo7300

#14. Being Polite To The Boss’s Secretary While Using Grammarly.

Source: fatimanga

#15. Chilled Beer

Source: zatoichi2015

#16. Gotta Have A Backup

Source: zatoichi2015

#17. Frew

Source: notsciguy

#18. Hammed Burger

Source: schmasay

#19. L'Otters

Source: alocaionew

#20. Feman

Source: Fast-Suggestion-5008

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