20 Design Flaws You Simply Can't Ignore

We can all make mistakes, but when designers or architects do it, it is impossible to look at the fruits of their "effort" without laughing. This is what we want to talk about in this article.
Design work is a complex business. And it’s really too easy to mess everything up. Especially if those creative “wizards” are not that into understanding their customers. Many guides recommend experiencing the product before releasing it to the market or installing anything. But some designers seem to want to skip this tricky step as much as possible. Aubtu has collected for you the funniest mistakes that cause both a smile and confusion: how is this even possible?

#1. The quotation marks on this sign gives it a malevolent undertone...

Source: sleightlymagical

#2. Skin goals

Source: fatterrapin

#3. Please Don't Season The Birds.

Source: Steven_NotMyRealName

#4. YOU ARE ALONE! Why you don't use pink... on a pink banner.

Source: imgur

#5. Holding onto the left hands is not easy

Source: imgur

#6. A great place for your magazine to relax

Source: jsimpson82

#7. This Coke Delivery Truck

Source: Vistana

#8. Bonus level

Source: Nurpus

#9. Shop called closed. Needs a sign to tell people they are open

Source: keatonfairey

#10. This Massaged Monstrosity

Source: firearmed

#11. The style is supposed to be in "marble", but instead they just look dirty.

Source: daggercats

#12. You have got to be shitting me, Zara.

Source: daggercats

#13. Crappy design

Source: novasnek

#14. Being handicapped in Cabo San Lucas is apparently an extreme sport. (FB friend's vacation pic)

Source: Just_some_n00b

#15. My hotel has a sitting area with no possible way to access it

Source: HotelIndiaFoxtrot

#16. This ATM keeps you fit


#17. I had to create an account just to share this here!

Source: Fluchos

#18. The biggest word on steve jobs iphone case is Android...

Source: Dafteke

#19. This guy's frog legs featured in an ad

Source: MeerK4T

#20. “Why aren’t people buying the damn funnel cakes?!”

Source: 187TROOPER

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