20 Delivery Guys Who Should Probably Consider Changing Jobs

When we order something, we usually have a pleasant expectation. We imagine eating a tasty dish from our favorite restaurant from the comfort of our sofa, or putting on a moving movie on a new computer. But sometimes home delivery becomes quite a challenge for our nervous system.
Our authors at Aubtu have searched the internet for evidence that not all delivery service workers do their job. Probably some of them should look for another job. At the end of the article a bonus awaits you: photographic evidence that, by strange coincidence, the delivery guys always arrive at the most inopportune moment.

#1. Some of these DoorDashers...

Source: Flojoe420

#2. Thanks Doordash!

Source: DetectivePlutoMP

#3. They were delivered and sat on the porch for less than an hour

Source: bravobabe30

#4. Doordash driver apparently couldn’t find my house and decided to throw my order on the ground

Source: jared_518

#5. Delivery of croissants finally arrived

Source: minghj

#6. How my new computer just got delivered

Source: this_is_a_username78

#7. “While my wife was putting the baby to bed, I ordered a chicken. The delivery man gave me the package and left. In the dark, I put it on the table and sat down to wait for my wife. When she came in, I turned on the light and I saw that. The security stickers were torn on one side. When counting, there were only nine wings instead of ten.

Source: YaroslavGl

#8. The first tube light they sent was delivered bent. Fortunately I got a free replacement....

Source: Tuna_Stubbs

#9. I woke up from my nap to a notification that my package was delivered, but it wasn’t on the porch. So, I checked my app and…

Source: reddit

#10. (Not pictured) just had my new PS5 hand delivered by uniformed officers from my local police department! They had fished the box out of some random bush.. seems to be running fine but still.. Careful shipping with Fedex!

Source: Hotpocket1515

#11. Uber eats leaving the order at the end of the driveway in the freezing rain/snow balanced on the mailbox

Source: ApricotTaco

#12. My delivery confirmation photo. The bag was gone when I got down there.

Source: ApricotTaco

#13. If you look very closely at the large blue text in the middle you can make out the words “photos, do not bend.” Thanks a lot USPS.

Source: Blaphem

#14. “I ordered a very expensive monitor. When the delivery man arrived, no one was home. So he decided to improvise."

Source: reddit

#15. Had a rough night so decided to order some Starbucks at work. Thought it was weird the driver dropped it at the door and just ran. Turns out 2/3rds of the drink had spilled and it soaked through to my sandwich.

Source: fussiestpeach

#16. I was craving pizza for a whole week as I’m dieting right now, cheat day comes along and I order a pizza.. when I open it looks like this, delivery driver was an 17 to 18 year old kid whom I tipped 10$ probably was driving like a maniac

Source: reddit

#17. How my mail carrier left my vinyl record. What makes it worse it we have a box beside the front porch for deliveries, which they have used many times

Source: SilentMase

#18. I tried ordering iced coffee with our delivery - DoorDash guy handed me this and just shrugged while maintaining full eye contact

Source: merrell0

#19. Why some delivery drivers insist on putting your food right outside your door like this? Like you know I still have to open the door right?

Source: NashiraReaper

#20. Baguette from grocery delivery

Source: overdue_panic

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