20 D-I-Y Fails That Should Have Never Been Turned Into Real-Life Stuffs

Nothing can compare to the satisfaction of finishing a DIY project that you set out to complete. There are some initiatives, though, that perhaps shouldn't have been launched because not all of them are made equal. Additionally, the entire /r/DiWHY subreddit is devoted to these initiatives.
The concerned subreddit is full of projects made by users who ought to have their hot glue gun privileges removed, and they range from absurd to completely insane. Check out the gallery below to see all of the strange DIY ideas posted to this subreddit, including teeth lighters, eyelashes made of beetle legs, and more!

#1. I Wouldn’t Tell Anyone I Won The Lottery… But There Would Be Hints

Source: READlbetweenl

#2. You Can Do Many Things That Is Not This

Source: ybbaaabby

#3. Up For Some Spam?

Source: The_Pranavster

#4. Ah Yes, The Classic Baby Lamb Seasonal Decor!

Source: SirZanee

#5. Biblically Accurate Furby

Source: Christinedrink

#6. I’m No Electrician, But I Think I’ve Solved The Mystery Of Why Changing The Lightbulbs Didn’t Work

Source: gardenpea

#7. Ouch

Source: esseeayen

#8. Friend Of Mine Told Me To Post This Here. My Glorious 0.5$ Drawing Glove

Source: PuffedRabbit

#9. Flood Preparations????

Source: discojon84

#10. All Mail Is Nuked For 10 Seconds To Destroy Any Tracking Or Listening Devices Put There By A Vague Yet Menacing Government Agency

Source: vermithrax

#11. DIY And 5 Minute Crafts In A Nutshell

Source: officialunitedstates

#12. Something I Found On Twitter

Source: EmilyHatzar

#13. I Made A Candle From The Wax Casing Of Baby Bel Cheeses…

Source: ThatGuyInTheCornerEd

#14. This Great Wall Of China

Source: McDirty09

#15. I’m Scared

Source: Ilovemychicken1013

#16. This Guy Built A Mini-Door Complete With Doorknob Into The Front Door At The Place He’s Renting, For His Cat Stanley

Source: BurritoBoy11

#17. My Uncle’s Christmas Tree

Source: Sketch_Crush

#18. “Can You Pass The Salt Before It Falls Into The Trough Again Please”

Source: libertetrading

#19. When You Want The Person Overtaking Behind You Have A Heart Attack

Source: UNSC-COMMsNO1379

#20. I Made A Ram Guitar Pick

Source: BlackAngus03

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