20+ Cringey Moments When People Overshare When Nobody Asked Them To 

It’s normal to share your daily life or thoughts on a specific issue online. However, some overuse the Internet and share everything on it, even silly problems. So, if you are not the type of person who shares all news online, these times when people shared too much will irritate the hell out of you. Keep scrolling to laugh at these cringey moments.
The following list of cringey moments will let you know more about the matter of sharing too much online. All posts show how creative people are, but in a negative way, which will surprise you with their crazy ideas. So let's scroll down and see what things people are sharing online when literally nobody asked them to!

#1. "I think my Instacart driver wanted to tell me something"

What kind of car does he drive again?

Source: decentbirthday

#2. Oh to be a good Christian mother but also a survivor:

"First, they came for the Kleenex and I said nothing. Next, they went for the toilet paper, and finally, they came (cough cough) for the fabrics."

Source: Evieisnotdeadyet

#3. You have to share this in the comments of a comic post:

Weird flex but ok.

Source: Unknown

#4. "Keeps the stank in"

Source: Unknown

#5. Too confident to post.

So brave, so stunning, so pungent I can smell her through the photo.

Source: ADdreaming

#6. On a video of a fat cat:

An Oxford student should know the difference between "its" and "it's".

Source: Psych0matt

#7. Nothing like taking the chance to show off your Rolex when the Queen of England passes.

"Watching LIVE just so you all know! #blessed"

Source: NomenclaturalMan

#8. That moment when he doesn't compliment you back:

"Honey, get out of bed! You'll be late for school." "Umm, I have a boyfriend."

Source: Unknown

#9. He is like 42 years old and still playing football I think he is fine with his health.

Source: Unknown

#10. Thanks, I hate sexualizing candy.

Source: Suburban_coffee

#11. "How the hell do people die? I’ve been alive my whole life and never died"

Source: DrEliteFox

#12. Hope all 9 comments were “yes, you are the only one”

Source: ikaikanani

#13. Found in the Hot One’s interview:

Source: lucas_talbert

#14. Dude in the red was literally talking about a mac and cheese recipe.

"Dude c'mon he lost his great uncle to Mac & Cheese"

Source: knizm0

#15. "I literally get offers for employment probably five times a week."

Source: AutoCrosspostBot

#16 Hey, I am a speed cuber! Guys! Anyone!?

Source: T410

#17 “Yes I’m 27”

Thanks for outing yourself bro, now we know who to avoid.

Source: shemss_h

#18 Thanks Jimmy, we definitely needed to know that.

Jimmy Kimmel Shared Too Much Seems like the swans weren't the only ones hissing that day.

Source: Queeniac

#19 Protip: Do NOT make brownies in a cast iron cornbread mold!

Cringey Moments Of course, you had to include nuts LOL.

Source: MayMyEnemiesLiveLong

#20 He even acknowledges that nobody asked.

Cringey Moments Nothing that happens on earth has any astronomical significance.

Source: ReasonablyAssured

#21 They just wanted a guitarist.

Cringey Moments And Americans wonder why we have a bad international reputation...

Source: icannotthinkofaun

#22 Please I just wanna get the group project done

Cringey MomentsSource: kakapoopoopeepeeshir

#23 I mean, “I can help” would have worked too.

Cringey MomentsSource: teaspoon7884

#24 On a sales post for Pokemon cards...

Cringey Moments "mater" isn't even black. He's brown.

Source: Zennyboy64

#25 On a post with a video about the La Riots in 1992, clearly has absolutely nothing to do with his Tesla.

Cringey Moments Ask a question, don't give a f**k about the answer, then seize the opportunity to talk about yourself.

Source: andrez444

#26 I mean, this is the peak of when people shared too much:

Cringey Moments Classic response.

Source: Unknown

#27 He's a CEO.

Cringey MomentsSource: Unknown

#28 If you have to say it…

Cringey Moments This is how they know? Not the whole “I’m not attracted to men” thing?

Source: FuktOff666

#29 Okay but like, what’s your point?

Cringey Moments and the way he got 15 downvotes tho.

Source: Young_Person_42

#30 On a video with a guy doing a piano cover of Chiquitita:

Cringey Moments "Thank you for posting your resume, but we're not hiring right now."

Source: good1mufferaw

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