20 Crazy Wardrobe Malfunctions In Movies That Have Become An Eyesore To Viewers

You know the shame that comes with a wardrobe malfunction if you've ever had a hole in your pants, a rip in your shirt, or you later noticed the tag poking out when looking at a photo. You're not alone either. Even the most fashionable men, women, and non-binary friends have embarrassing situations from time to time, which they handle like seasoned masters.
Celebs: They're just like the rest of us. Hollywood celebrities definitely have those embarrassing clothes moments, despite the fact that they may appear to be faultless. Even the classiest and most fashionable among the group occasionally experience the dreaded wardrobe malfunction. Also, it isn't always simple to bounce back gracefully and with composure when you are continually in the spotlight.
We discovered the most fascinating Hollywood wardrobe gaffes in Movies, from a boom mike in the backdrop to a bra strap in a historical drama. Scroll down to see these moments.

#1 Debbie Reynold's Dress in "Singin' in the Rain"

wardrobe malfunctionSource: Loew's Inc.

Although everyone can agree that Debbie Reynolds' pink dress in "Singin' in the Rain" is stunning, did you realize that the outfit is really entirely inappropriate for the film? Flappers were quite popular in the 1920s, the era in which "Singin' in the Rain" is set, so that pink dress would have been entirely out of place.

#2 Cameron Diaz's Dress in "Vanilla Sky"

wardrobe malfunctionSource: Paramount Pictures

In a scene in the Cameron Crowe film "Vanilla Sky," Tom Cruise ties Cameron Diaz to a bed. When Cruise tries to roll her over on the mattress, she is wearing a transparent dress, and the top portion of it slips about a bit, revealing her chest. While the actress quickly covers herself, the exposure may be seen momentarily in the finished film.

#3 Russell Crowe's Shorts in "Gladiator"

wardrobe malfunctionSource: DreamWorks Pictures

The story of a gladiator is told in "The Gladiator" as you may have predicted. With the exception of one scene, Russell Crowe, who portrayed the principal role of Maximus, often donned genuine gladiator garb from 180 A.D. As Crowe's behind is seen during combat, he loses his balance and reveals that he is wearing Lycra shorts underneath his costume.

#4 Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman"

wardrobe malfunctionSource: Buena Vista Pictures

In the movie "Pretty Woman," Julia Roberts portrays a Hollywood escort who meets and falls in love with a wealthy guy (Richard Gere). While Roberts did expose her chest at the beginning of her career and her character does wear tight clothing, such scenes were often performed by a stunt double. Nonetheless, she and Gere had an intimate moment in "Pretty Woman," where the audience can clearly see her chest. Others felt this was a glitch that wasn't intended to be captured on camera because her face is featured in the picture.

#5 Michael J. Fox's Guitar in "Back to the Future"

wardrobe malfunctionSource: Universal Pictures

Everyone is familiar with the crucial scene from Back to the Future where Marty McFly performs a Chuck Berry song live on stage before it was ever created. It seems that Berry got the song's inspiration from his cousin, who called him from the school dance to perform the song for him. What else in this scenario hasn't yet been created? The instrument McFly is playing! The event takes place in 1955, yet that particular guitar wasn't invented until 1958.

#6 Keira Knightley's Shoes in "Pride and Prejudice"

Source: Focus Features

Every few years, there are new adaptations of Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" one of which stars Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet. For the course of the film, Knightley wore rubber rain boots called "wellies," although the first "wellies" resembling those she wore weren't created for another 40 years.

#7 Tom Cruise's Parts in "All the Right Moves"

Source: 20th Century Fox

In "All The Right Moves" Tom Cruise portrays a high school football player. In one moment in the film, he and his girlfriend (Lea Thompson) get passionate and physical, and as Cruise strips down, you can briefly glimpse beneath his shorts. Despite the fact that the film had an R-rating, it is very obvious that the mistake wasn't on purpose.

#8 Natalie Portman's Top in "Closer"

Source: Columbia Pictures

Natalie Portman is an exotic dancer in the movie "Closer". She led Clive Owen's character into a champagne room when he first approached her. During the film's debut, one little costume error caught the audience's notice. Her bra fell down her shoulders in a sequence when she swiftly moved her legs, and the action was captured for the film's final edit.

#9 Jamie Foxx's Sunglasses in "Django Unchained"

Source: Columbia Pictures

In "Django Unchained." a western action movie directed by Quentin Tarantino, Jamie Foxx portrayed the title character. Django is a real rebel, and his persona is highly fashionable, often sporting a pair of sunglasses. But, the movie is set in the 1850s, and it wasn't until the 1920s that cowboy hats and sunglasses were worn together in a fashionable way.

#10 Gene Hackman's Pants in "Unforgiven"

wardrobe malfunctionSource: Warner Bros.

One of the most well-known and admired western films of all time is "Unforgiven". Nevertheless, just because a movie is excellent doesn't mean it didn't make a few errors along the way. Gene Hackman's trousers were implicated in one error. Although wearing belts at the time was common, it was mostly a matter of fashion. Hackman's pants had belt loops in them. After the era depicted in "Unforgiven" belt-loop pants were developed.

#11 Diaper in "Sense and Sensibility"

Source: Sony Pictures Releasing

You can plainly see a disposable diaper poking out of the baby's outfit as Mr. Palmer, portrayed by Hugh Laurie, hugged the child halfheartedly. Disposable diapers weren't even developed until the 1950s, while the events of Sense and Sensibility take place in the late 1700s.

#12 Mel Gibson's Kilt in "Braveheart"

wardrobe malfunctionSource: Paramount Pictures

Although "Braveheart" an epic war movie that chronicled William Wallace's life, is renowned as being legendary, it isn't without flaws. Although kilts are popular in Scotland now, they weren't back when the movie was set there in the 13th century. Until 500 years after the film's events, kilts were not a common item of clothing in Scotland.

#13 Soldier's Watch in "Glory"

Source: TriStar

A fantastic war picture, "Glory" portrays the tale of the first all-African American government during the American Civil War. From September 1862 through July 1863, it happens. In one image, a soldier's arm can be seen reaching into the screen while sporting a watch that was unquestionably not produced during that time. In general, wristwatches weren't created until the 1920s.

#14 Headset in "Captain America"

Source: Paramount Pictures

Captain America, a superhero film, is set in 1942. Jim Morita, who played one of the fighters, had a microphone headgear on during one of the battle sequences. While it has a high-tech appearance, it was undoubtedly not in use in the 1940s. Even the one seen in the movie wasn't created until 2000.

#15 Black Sabbath Shirt in "Almost Famous"

Source: DreamWorks Pictures

In "Almost Famous" a young journalist in the 1970s goes on tour with a rock group. Patrick Fugit's character William Miller passes a man sporting a Black Sabbath shirt when he first encounters the band Stillwater. Yet the garment is a 1997 Black Sabbath Reunion "Devil Twins" T-shirt.

#16 Firefighter Uniforms in "Gangs of New York"

Source: Miramax Films

The year 1893 is referenced in Martin Scorsese's epic film "Gangs of New York" which stars Daniel Day-Lewis. Firefighters are used in a situation, and their gear isn't all that different from what we see nowadays. Indeed, the 1893 fireman gear would have looked very different.

#17 Nike Shoes in "The Informant"

wardrobe malfunctionSource: Warner Bros.

Matt Damon plays an informant in the biographical crime comedy The Informant. The movie takes place between 1992 and 1994, although Damon is shown wearing a pair of yet-to-be-released Nike golf shoes with spikes. It was only two years later, in 1996, that the design of the shoe was made public.

#18 Helmet Straps in "Seabiscuit"

Source: Universal Pictures

The film "Seabiscuit" chronicles the life of the well-known racehorse Seabiscuit. The Great Depression, which took place from 1929 to 1933, is when the movie is set. Unfortunately, the chin-strapped helmets worn by the horse jockeys in the movie were not yet developed during that era. It wasn't until the 1950s that jockeys could wear helmets with chin straps!

#19 Nero's Men Wear Purple in "Pompeii"

wardrobe malfunctionSource: TriStar Pictures and

Nero, one of the final Roman Emperors, is portrayed by Kiefer Sutherland in the film Pompeii. In the film, he's depicted wearing purple together with his top men, yet his top men would not have been wearing that color. The color would have been available back then, but Nero really made donning purple a felony that would have resulted in death for anybody other than himself.

#20 Anne Baxter's Dress in "The Ten Commandments"

Source: Paramount 

Nefertiti was portrayed by Anne Baxter in the classic movie "The Ten Commandments." However, the real Nefertiti would not have been caught dead in the stunning turquoise blue gown she wears in the movie since that shade of dye did not exist when she lived. Natural dyes weren't able to achieve that turquoise color in ancient Egypt.
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