20 Crappy Designs That You Might Come Across By Chance Somewhere

Do you stumble across odd and crappy designs in your daily life? Average 2, Dancing Uncle, or an extremely perplexing billboard. These images not only make you chuckle, but they also make you ponder, "Why is it possible to design like this?" and "Who came up with this idea?"
In fact, these odd and amusing designs may be found anywhere, from bustling streets to art galleries. They provide us with excitement and surprises in life, and they frequently cause us to reflect on human creativity and imagination.
In this article, we'll look at some amusing photographs of crappy designs that you might come across by chance somewhere. We will learn about the innovative and unexpected concepts that designers have included in their products and services and how these images have become an integral part of life.

#1. Literally has an image of a real Oreo

Source: cubsonyt

#2. Did I stutter

Source: PianoBubbly4605

#3. Average 2

Source: Beautiful_Fishing569

#4. Remember Dancing Uncle? Here’s his spec sheet.

Source: GroupNebula563

#5. Bootleg pokemon figure

Source: applekuri

#6. They tried

Source: HeyWazowski

#7. Idk if this has been posted here

Source: TraditionalOstrich51

#8. Who cares

Source: Shitty Food Porn

#9. The camera is on the bottom. Trust me, this package isn’t upside down

Source: New-Inside-7157

#10. Crappy urinal

Source: LargeTallGent

#11. Do they want kids to eat this? Cause that’s how they get kids to eat chalk

Source: NateBushbaby

#12. Go around. No! From the front

Source: fritz_da_cat

#13. Sign about brutalist architecture hides its words under the bevels

Source: revslaughter

#14. It's crazy

Source: Shibey Smiles

#15. Hmm

Source: Shibey Smiles

#16. This wedding card looks like the Bride & Groom hung themselves

Source: monkey314

#17. Animal anus

Source: peanutismint

#18. I received the most useless item ever at a golf tournament yesterday

Source: Thedaveabides98

#19. How is this supposed to work??

Source: Reddit

#20. This bathroom door is cut out so it could swing past the toilet

Source: ssj_dick

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