20 Crappy Designs That May Require Eye Bleach

Not every one of us can be Leonardo Da Vinci when it comes to design. Yet, occasionally you come across something that is so outrageously botched up that you have to question who even approved it. While some of them are simply the victims of bad placement, others are blatantly delusional. The employees who came up with these concepts almost certainly had a "long conversation" with their managers after the fact.
As a result, we're bringing you round two of the best (or, technically, worse) things users have posted to the "crappy designs" subreddit. Nevertheless, if you decide to view them, be advised that you may need some time to recover.

#1. This shooting range ad that shows a gun firing a cartridge.

Source: chonk_dogg

#2. The color coding for this graphic

Source: tobyarch

#3. Terrible digital overlayed Ads in NHL games that block the view of players and cause motion sickness to viewers

Source: Stuf404

#4. Whoever edited this photo to sell D&D dice on Facebook doesn't know what they're actually used for

Source: missmaggy2u

#5. Stoplights in Lake Tahoe filled with snow due to a crappy design of not having the bottom cut out to prevent snow accumulation. It’s a world-class ski area, snow should be a key factor in all design decisions.

Source: Worst_Username_Evar

#6. Those columns look awful.

Source: BlueTexBird

#7. Volvo's new campaign has a scorched-earth policy

Source: Ikbeneenpaard

#8. That's a pretty big oversight

Source: reddit

#9. The Toe Stubber 3000 at my local gym

Source: pencil364

#10. The sweater i bought cannot be maintained...

Source: FuzzboarEKKO

#11. The incredibly short tang of this knife was only secured by one breakable plastic post. The three thicker securing pins are purely aesthetic.

Source: humangeigercounter

#12. The planets on my son's new rug have rings that don't go around the planet.

Source: AnimationNation

#13. You tell me: Is it Orange, Red, or Slight Red Light?

Source: Nekrothis

#14. For reasons unknown, South America has completely been replaced by Africa

Source: logstain

#15. No idea which cards I have when they're fanned out

Source: dakobra

#16. homogeneity sucks

Source: reddit

#17. The words they chose to have standout color

Source: hansolo625

#18. I texted two zeros multiple times before I realized that was an O

Source: coconutgoat

#19. We've accidentally taken the wrong flavor several times now

Source: scubagh0st

#20. Who tf gonna pay for that?

Source: Lemonaie

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