20 Confusing Photos That Made Us Rub Our Eyes To Understand What We Saw

It is curious that many things that surround us are mere optical illusions. For example, a rainbow that is not at any specific distance from us, but is just a reflection of light. It's beautiful and mesmerizing, but like any other illusion, it doesn't stay with us for long and eventually disappears. Fortunately, today we know how to capture these things on camera to prolong the sweet memories and impressions.
Be ready to have your mind blown by this collection of more than 20 photographs that are so captivating that you'll want to look at them again. These images, which include optical tricks and strange angles, will make you question how they were taken and what is actually happening.

#1. I hope you boys like a lady with tiny hands

Source: Hehs-N-Mehs

#2. Did a double take when I saw my reflection in my phone.

Source: Rob3294

#3. Almost can't see his feet!

Source: hipstersheikh

#4. I thought I lost the sock in the drier again

Source: SuperLinkAran

#5. My rat is cute

Source: meowb47ance

#6. My phone case and my wood flooring.

Source: Dichaelmavis

#7. Always scared I'm gonna sit on her by accident.

Source: Admiralty86

#8. Hidden Chihuahua

Source: JumpingJahosavatsJJ

#9. I wasted a few minutes looking for this

Source: queijinhos

#10. My pup Koko

Source: Faye_Baby

#11. My purse and this table

Source: squirrelShapedBruise

#12. Couldn't find my phone for the longest time..

Source: davish1

#13. Bag Chair

Source: BrickBarProds

#14. Random shoe in parking lot. I though it had no soul but it's just accidental camouflage.

Source: lordpickles-

#15. This bowl lid

Source: NoodleSoupShark5

#16. So deceiving

Source: BoBoBendo

#17. Had to look twice

Source: braddamit

#18. (Old) New top and duvet cover set

Source: Weird_Surprise6221

#19. Catoflauge

Source: DylanShampoodle

#20. My freakishly giant toddler

Source: bzuckercorn1969

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