20 Completely Pointless Street Pole Signs

The purpose of stress pole signs is to inform people about something, but what if that information is absolutely absurd or showcases a funny message? Well, those questionable signs provide us Entertainment, for sure! And while we don't normally pay too much attention to street pole signs, these signs below will come into view and warrant a double take.
There are many weird signs out there, and people can't help but share them online. They have a huge collection of funny, weird, and random signs that hardly make any sense. To prove just how strange yet hilarious some of the street pole signs are, here is the lowdown on some of the best. So let's dive right into our list to check them out. Enjoy!

#1. The internet is leaking...

Source: fairenoughfoster

#2. Well, I'm now.

Source: acidcow

#3. Congrats?

Source: ieatogreass

#4. I honestly don't know...

Source: CollinRubinstein

#5. Okay, I won't.

Source: broadsheet

#6. Well alright!

Source: justanothergoat

#7. Oh, hell no.

Source: Depsidase

#8. Up top!

Source: The Green head

#9. Thanks, I'll pass.

Source: Ruin My Week

#10. "All that I'm saying is give my pickles a chance"

Source: RobocopEsq


Source: Fail Blog

#12. Just rickrolled on a street.

Source: CraftGossip

#13. I'll take 2, thank you very much.

Source: Unknown/Pinterest

#14. Nope.

Source: Unknown/Blogspot

#15. Fist come, fist served.

Source: Peggy Archer

#16. Seriously...

Source: pholder

#17. What???

Source: Someecards

#18. Say no more!

Source: funcage

#19. It might not work, but it's free.

Source: ailorMoo

#20. The reward is unimaginable.

Source: smosh

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