20 Blursed Photos That Might Make You Want To Leave This Planet

The Internet is such a weird place. Whenever you ask for something fun to relax, it will serve you with a lot of strange, odd yet hilarious sights and things you are not ready for. You probably had no idea there was a chance they could exist in this life before. The fact that they are here slaps you with another fact that you don't know enough about the world in which you are living. You might have never come across them in real life but you can see them all on the Internet. Some people accidentally had their cameras ready when they saw such things and shared them online so that no one would miss them. Those photos are called "blursed",  blessed and cursed at the same time.
Scroll down to see our collection of 20 blursed photos that might make you want to find a safer planet than the Earth. Have a good time reading! If you want to see more of the same, check out our previous post here!

#1. Blursed present

Source: gettinshwifty55

#2. Blursed moment of pressing pause while watching community

Source: PaIIas-Athena

#3. Blursed setup

Source: JIMMYY74

#4. Blursed toilet creature

Source: Slidingcorn470

#5. Blursed cosplay

Source: IGREJA33

#6. Blursed cereal

Source: IceColdNick

#7. Blursed hat collector

Source: TruckFluster

#8. Blursed card

Source: TruckFluster

#9. Blursed wall

Source: New-Pineapple-9410

#10. Blursed combo

Source: Vass_Kallal

#11. Blursed shirt

Source: EndersGame_Reviewer

#12. Blursed toilet

Source: EndersGame_Reviewer

#13. Blursed luggage identification

Source: OldLogger

#14. Blursed sexiness

Source: quanghop79

#15. Blursed beef

Source: MyNameGifOreilly

#16. Blursed protection glasses

Source: Uno21858

#17. Blursed watch

Source: Arrivederci1109

#18. Blursed snack

Source: Severe-Flower2344

#19. Blursed selfie


#20. Blursed grass

Source: Savage_Balut

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