19 Bizarre Yet Hilarious Selfie Background Fails That‘ll Make You Burst Into Laughter

Do you agree with Cora that taking selfies is the best way to snap images? To snap images, all you have to do is pick up the camera and hit the shutter button without the assistance of anyone or any gear. I'm not sure who invented this unusual manner of shooting, but we owe them a debt of gratitude. And today, we'd like to share a humorous aspect of snapping selfies with you. As the individuals below took the photo, they didn't pay attention to the background, and a number of strange things ended up in the frame. Extremely amusing human actions, things you don't want others to witness, etc. All of them will be on the list of selfie background fails below, and they will make you panic and then laugh.
Here are 19 bizarre yet hilarious selfie background fails that‘ll make you burst into laughter. Scroll down to check them out, and don’t hesitate to share them with your friends. Enjoy!

#1. Going to dinner because I needed an excuse to wear this

Source: og_pocahontas

#2. This subtle selfie

Source: Luke Spinelli

#3. Check your background before you post that selfie

Source: Ima_Grab_Yo_Snatch

#4. OMG

Source: Zippelline

#5. My friend climbed a mountain and took a selfie, was photobombed by his girlfriend taking a selfie

Source: gunboypaul

#6. I went to take a selfie with the dogs

Source: momo_mauck

#7. Three people, one webcam

Source: Fransbauer

#8. Round 1

Source: Pinterest

#9. Oh no

Source: famepace

#10. Hmm

Source: Ebaumsworld

#11. Is this fake?

Source: Ebaumsworld

#12. Wtf?

Source: Pinterest

#13. A Strong One

Source: mr_kord

#14. I'm fine

Source: acidcow

#15. A friend of mine took a profile picture. Photobombing Level: Expert

Source: fozzles

#16. Something is wrong, like when you realize yes I am

Source: MarionetaHD

#17. Has anyone seen my tighty whities?

Source: Elizabeth Cadena

#18. Are you serious?

Source: theintercept

#19. When you see it, kid

Source: retcasm

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