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  1. Black Panther (2018)
  2. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001).
  3. Crazy Rich Asians (2018).
  4. The Shining (1980)
  5. Star Wars – Special Edition
  6. Pulp Fiction
  7. Irvin Kershner consults the screenplay on the carbon-freezing chamber steps.
  8. Back To The Future
  9. Star Wars
  10. Harry Potter
  11. Spartacus
  12. 300
  13. The Big Lebowski
  14. Singin’ in the Rain
  15. Marie Antoinette
  16. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
  17. West Side Story (1961).
  18. The Wizard of Oz
  19. The Royal Tenenbaums
  20. Raging Bull

20 Behind-The-Scenes Photos That Reveal The Wild World Of Movie Making

We're in the unique position of writing about Movies day in and day out, and this journey has unveiled a treasure trove of behind-the-scenes wonders. As we embark on our cinematic exploration, we can't help but share the joy of stumbling upon some truly wild snapshots from the making of films. After all, the magic that unfolds on the big screen is often mirrored by the chaos, creativity, and camaraderie that happens behind it.
Join us on a captivating journey through 21 behind-the-scenes photos that peel back the curtain on the extraordinary world of filmmaking. From hilarious candid moments to awe-inspiring set designs, these glimpses offer a front-row seat to the sheer madness and brilliance that bring our favorite movies to life.

#1. Black Panther (2018)

Behind-The-Scenes Photos That Reveal The Wild World Of Movie Making Source: Null / ©Walt Disney Co./courtesy Everett / Everett Collection
And while filming Black Panther (2018), director Ryan Coogler doesn't mind squatting for a talk with Chadwick Boseman. (T'Challa in a sweatshirt?! He seemed to be in great comfort!!!)

#2. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001).

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001).
During the filming of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001), director Chris Columbus utilizes his {magic} to move Daniel Radcliffe and Maggie Smith.

#3. Crazy Rich Asians (2018).

Crazy Rich Asians (2018). Source: Sanja Bucko / ©Warner Bros/courtesy Everett Collection / Everett Collection
Director Jon M. Chu also sets up Awkwafina for the Crazy Rich Asians (2018) movie set, namely for the major party entrance scene.

#4. The Shining (1980)

The Shining (1980) Source: Murray Close / Sygma via Getty Images
On the set of The Shining (1980), Jack Nicholson and director/writer/producer Stanley Kubrick are fearless.

#5. Star Wars – Special Edition

Star Wars – Special Edition Source: Imgur
On the set of the extra Jabba's Palace scenes shot for the Star Wars special editions, Boba Fett removed his mask.

#6. Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction Source: Imgur
Bruce Willis and John Travolta share a giggle between scenes,

#7. Irvin Kershner consults the screenplay on the carbon-freezing chamber steps.

Irvin Kershner consults the screenplay on the carbon-freezing chamber steps. Source: via Distractify
Irvin Kershner was an American film director best known for helming "Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back," widely regarded as one of the greatest entries in the Star Wars saga. His accomplished career spanned various genres, showcasing his versatility as a filmmaker.

#8. Back To The Future

Back To The Future Source: via Distractify
The DeLorean was far smaller than most of us had realized.

#9. Star Wars

Star Wars Source: via Distractify
R2D2 enjoying a lunch while on a break from filming.

#10. Harry Potter

Harry Potter Source: via Distractify
Maggie Smith relaxed between scenes that were ultimately eliminated from the film. She took part in the filming while undergoing chemotherapy.

#11. Spartacus

Spartacus Source: Imgur
A group of extras appear to be in good spirits despite having recently been defeated in battle.

#12. 300

300 Source: via Distractify
Director Zack Snyder appears little as he goes over lines with Leonidas.

#13. The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski Source: via Distractify
During the bizarre dream sequence, director Joel Coen checks in on The Dude.

#14. Singin’ in the Rain

Singin’ in the Rain Source: Imgur
"Singin' in the Rain" is a classic 1952 musical film that joyfully captures the transition from silent films to talkies in Hollywood's Golden Age. Directed by Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly.

#15. Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette Source:
Kirsten Dunst and Jason Schwartzman use technology that does not match their clothing.

#16. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Source: via Distractify
Under an umbrella, George Lucas and Amrish Puri take a rest.

#17. West Side Story (1961).

West Side Story (1961). Source: Ernst Haas / Getty Images
While filming West Side Story (1961), Rita Moreno takes a little smoke break from her hard-working dancin' shoes.

#18. The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz Source: via Distractify
The amazing set of Munchkinland.

#19. The Royal Tenenbaums

The Royal Tenenbaums Source: Imgur
Bill Murray, Grant Rosenmeyer, and Jonah Meyerson roughhouse in the hospital.

#20. Raging Bull

Raging Bull Source: via Distractify
On Raging Bull, De Niro gets a little help from a slate clap.
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