20 Annoying Things Caused By Trashy People, As Shared On Social Media

Nobody wants to get involved with anything unpleasant. They never give us a sense of security or comfort. Our lives are simply too exhausting. Workplace pressures, children, or other unspoken concerns. And even if the problems of trashy people have nothing to do with us, watching them witness them is not helpful for our mood. With the advancement of the Internet, it is easy for unpleasant things to appear on the main page of social networks, which is not a good choice for stress relief.
We've compiled a list of the annoying things caused by trashy people, as shared on social media. We decided to post some of these because they are both bothersome and have us rolling around on the floor laughing. Guys, scroll down to see them and have a nice chuckle!

#1. Your ear is always the best spot!

Source: 100MorePushups

#2. Just a little backpiece

Source: Professional-Cat2123

#3. Somebody wrote “SMILE” in poop on my route to work

Source: zuzuofthewolves

#4. A pro baseball player's upset wife asked to clean up their kids' popcorn mess. Gets flight attendants disciplined

Source: krowrofefas

#5. Savage

Source: badestmofizzle

#6. Nothing's my fault

Source: NotionalChoctaw45

#7. Neighborly feud update, we lost one sign but added property damage accusations

Source: Solarpanels46853

#8. If I had a pair of grass cutters

Source: RodrigoBarragan

#9. Trying to strike the perfect pose with a concentration camp as their backdrop

Source: kupo_moogle

#10. Found this in one of the rooms at a tanning salon I went to, today. SMH

Source: AstralBullDragon13

#11. I wonder if they will discount this later

Source: sarcastagirly

#12. Stay classy, Los Angeles

Source: bighag

#13. Apartments near my Airbnb

Source: Dabstronaut77

#14. A man paints a giant band logo next to a river in a public park, and thinks he has done his city a favor

Source: tranion10

#15. “Would you like to be my sugar baby? You will get $7,000!”

Source: MoanaFan_1990

#16. Not putting your carts away is pretty trashy, but blocking handicapped spaces is next-level trash

Source: shitpickle2020

#17. Oh South Carolina

Source: toochocolaty

#18. What's for dinner?

Source: HondaXL175

#19. I remember when they gave lobotomies!

Source: R4V3S4V3R

#20. Hmm

Source: Anonanomnomnom69

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