20 Amusing Yet Perplexing Photographs That Will Leave You Gasping For Air

How is your work doing today? Even if you had a productive day, we suspect you had a stressful and tiring day. And what could be better than resting on a nice mattress and browsing the Internet for humorous pictures? It sounds great, right? The world is an odd place. A seemingly ordinary object, but when viewed from a different angle, it becomes a bizarre thing that we cannot imagine. A giant beach pail, a polar bear in his pool, and a variety of other oddities will captivate you.
We've compiled a list of amusing yet perplexing photographs that will leave you gasping for air. Are you prepared? Scroll down to check them out, and please leave a comment below. Enjoy!

#1. That kid is going places

Source: Kuiz

#2. She's not walking on the sand

Source: teorosso

#3. Mistakes were made

Source: StrykerSeven

#4. Floating above the bluebonnets

Source: scootermun

#5. Llama getting a hug

Source: SnarkLordOfTheSith

#6. Vulcans on the News

Source: Brickzarina

#7. A polar bear in his pool

Source: DeathmatchDrunkard

#8. Trippy

Source: Garlic_Overload

#9. Beachwalk with the doggo

Source: nighteeeeey

#10. Floating?

Source: Mountain-Weight-5747

#11. Giant beach pail

Source: gordita_brunch

#12. There's a hole in my carpet

Source: bodilyDeclaw87

#13. What a frabjous day

Source: Souljaboy4

#14. Check out this girls freaky mouth

Source: Brent_Fox

#15. Strange face

Source: Accomplished_Yam_551

#16. The picture looks divided

Source: TheMagicShark

#17. Tiny Jake Gyllenhaal

Source: ostReconciliation

#18. A hole in my yard from the bottom

Source: waldesturm

#19. Felis araneae, snatcher of feet

Source: hawaiianSpotter91

#20. From corner of eye this looked like a banana dispenser

Source: cwajgapls

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