20 Amazing Ugly Duckling Transformations That Should Be The Main Plot Of Rom-Com Movies

Have you ever heard of the term "ugly duckling transformations"? You know, the term that is used to describe when the main characters in a movie have a "glow-up" of their life or when some late bloomers return from a long summer break and wow people with their new looks? Bottom line: Whether you realize it or not, ugly duckling transformations are more common than you think. But while some of us are transformed into beautiful swans by a powerful puberty hit, others must work hard to change for the better. In any case, it takes a lot of willpower to say goodbye to our old selves and emerge more confident on the other side.
From working out and having a healthy diet to using make-up, changing hairstyles, and learning how to pose, these folks below are putting their dedication and hard work to transform themselves into beautiful, fabulous, unrecognizable swans. And we were totally blown away by their hard work, so if you also get inspired by surprise transformations just like us, you’ll definitely enjoy this compilation. Now let's scroll down and check them all out!

#1. "Lost 100lbs and now I model full-time!"

Source: saxplayer0

#2. "16-20. Does this count?"

Source: DavidEntertains

#3. "17-24, went through horrible cystic acne, lost 50 lbs, got braces, and dropped an emotionally abusive boyfriend."

Source: meganam38

#4. "Life begins at 40!"

Source: Jbcarter77

#5. L'Oreal Paris plays no games.

Source: Brithoward

#6. "My dad used to call me ugly Betty, and I took it as a compliment"

Source: Chief-_-Queef

#7. "I'd like to think the past 9 years have been kind to me."

Source: camel33

#8. "Lost 50kg (110lbs) in 18 months after a rugby injury, started rowing for my university, got my MSc in mathematics"

Source: Teddyzander

#9. "14-23 it’s been an awkward decade for me"

Source: cocoamilky

#10. "2015 - 2019. Basically, I cleaned myself up and started over!"

Source: a_midlo

#11. Young Chris Pratt, is that you?

Source: IntrepidCommission

#12. "One year transformation. What a gym membership, self love and a skincare routine can do for you."

Source: heyhaydae

#13. Even my family doesn't recognize me these days...'

Source: asionahaya

#14. "From 17 to 18, I don't even know"

Source: chrono28

#15. "From Sundaes to Runways"

Source: jacobyflynn

#16. "Left 12yo, right 24yo"

Source: BlackSharkoon

#17. " How I learned to start shaving and escape the neckbeard."

Source: ampe_sand

#18. "My nickname used to be called ‘uglie’."

Source: minjewe

#19. "What a 10-year difference can do"

Source: _gabi2g

#20. "From devoid of life to full of life"

Source: reddit

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