20 Amazing Before and After Images of the Same Girls

Everyone wants to appear flawless on social media, so getting the ideal position and lighting is crucial. However, one forum online tries to expose the truth behind the ideal Instagram selfies.
The PrettyGirlsUglyFaces subreddit is exactly what it says it is: gorgeous girls are displaying their "ugly" sides while shooting pictures from amusing angles. These gals are not ashamed to make fun of their flaws, from numerous chins to flabby tummies.
Check out the gallery below to see the adorable ladies making funny faces.

#1. Poolside

Source: KevlarYarmulke

#2. Dear Internet… I Have Blessed You With My Talent. You’re Welcome

Source: Koruteni

#3. Ask And You Shall Receive

Source: emifasho

#4. Your Facebook Profile Vs The Pics You’re Tagged On

Source: RedditsKittyKat

#5. When He Asks For Post-Shower Pics


#6. Aww When Are You Due?? I’m Not Pregnant, I’m Just Really Talented

Source: emifasho

#7. I’ve Got My Eye On You

Source: Pengusta

#8. I Don’t Know Why I Keep Exposing Myself On The Internet Like This But Apparently People Enjoy It

Source: karleebabe

#9. I’ve Run Out Of Shame

Source: lime_st

#10. Clueless In The Streets, Robbie Rotten In The Sheets

Source: a_castle_by_the_sea

#11. During And After Cosplaying Poison Ivy. You’re Welcome

Source: Oopsydaisy03

#12. Feeling Pretty Today

Source: rugmuncher

#13. My Friend Might As Well Have Invented Pretty Girls Ugly Faces

Source: loungepantz

#14. One Of My Favourite Faces To Make

Source: unanatkumot

#15. So I Play Rugby…

Source: UnikornAids

#16. You’re Doing It Right When You’re In Physical Pain

Source: lemonjuicelime

#17. Sometimes I Look Presentable, But 90% Of The Time I Resemble A Butthole With Eyelashes

Source: sophisopia

#18. When The Nerdy Girl Finally Takes Her Glasses Of In An Early 2000’s Teen Movie

Source: lilbutthole

#19. As A Photographer I Always Try To Capture Genuine Emotion

Source: BunTilda

#20. Is This Better?

Source: ehudz

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