20 Adults Whose Souls Are Younger Than Peter Pan's

Being an adult does not necessarily mean becoming a boring human being who only dedicates themselves to their work, their tasks and other day-to-day responsibilities. There are adults who keep within themselves the same illusion and desire to have fun as a small child opening a toy, and that is precisely the case of those we find in the following images.
As the images below show us, there are adults who have nothing to envy to the occurrences and mischief of the little ones in the house. And it is that thanks to people like these, who know how to add their own humor to everything they do, there are people who do not spend a single gray or boring day.

#1. Told my dad he was having a grandkid before his bday pic

Source: JmsJordan

#2. I tried to take a picture of myself but apparently looked at the phone midway through.

Source: Uc207Pr4f57t90

#3. After telling my wife about the penny trick to tell how much tread is left, I asked her to send me a picture of it, and she sent me this…

Source: luckyevanston

#4. My father’s 6th attempt to outsmart his geriatric cat into taking her bp meds

Source: Carmileion

#5. My dad (75yo) won his age category in the Pgh 10 miler today

Source: Buppster87

#6. My 64 year old mother-in-law's first time in the ocean.

Source: Ralph--Hinkley

#7. My brother-in-law helping his buddy Dobby look for the brain cell.

Source: Jay911

#8. I think she wants me to put the seat down.

Source: LeaveItToPeever

#9. My grandmother is using a McDonald's tamagotchi toy from the 90's for her backdoor key

Source: Wellsley051

#10. Told my parents there was a serious leak in their bathroom (found this idea on Reddit) but they were not amused.

Source: AloofFloofy

#11. My husband got me good with a rat he made from hair clippings.

Source: Pangur_Ban_Hammer

#12. Seen in Argentina, the sign translates to: Beware of my wife. The dog doesn't bite.

Source: Pangur_Ban_Hammer

#13. Mom’s optometrist is wearing Pokémon socks.

Source: pixieborn

#14. Today has been challenging to say the least... I smashed my pinky on my reciprocating saw and it REALLY hurts. Please send prayers my way.

Source: TheTonz

#15. My best friends April fools prank.

Source: Frat_Panda

#16. I am the only one in the building today. Someone pranked me and scared me to death

Source: shadknight20

#17. What’s the best way to wear a cat? Facing front or slanted off the the side?!?

Source: jared317

#18. Facebook reminded me of a perfectly timed picture of my dad from 2016 - That water was c o l d

Source: Cyberunit1

#19. Went out to run errands, asked my wife if she wanted me to grab her anything. As a joke, she said a horse. Everyone, meet Latte.

Source: deerwolf90

#20. I installed a new brand of towel warmer. It warms and judges you at the same time.

Source: reddit

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