20 Ads That Attempted To Be Good But Failed Considerably

There are evidently several companies out there who have made some unusual decisions when it comes to advertising and this just on the off the heels of the Balenciaga fiasco. Well, to be honest, you may even ask yourself whether these are actual advertisements or memes made with paint.
Fortunately for us, someone started a Facebook group specifically for collecting these dubious adverts, and they do not disappoint. The organization focuses on a specific audience that may enjoy these peculiar advertisements rather than trying to gain a large following. If this seems interesting to you, brace yourselves because these commercials will really make you wonder what was going through the thoughts of those who designed them and then what the person who approved them was thinking. See the 20 funniest posts we found by clicking the links below.

#1. Just Had This Sent To Me Via Email

Source: Jack Meredith

#2. Cursed Bald Lion

Source: Nicole Greco

#3. This Is Good I Want To Go There Now

Source: Sarah Snider

#4. Came Here To Post This, Realized True Classic Has Several Posts Here After

Source: Michael Dunfield

#5. Effing Yikes. The Future Is Here And It’s Terrible

Source: Jessica Bryant

#6. I Almost Scrolled Past This Until I Remembered I Was In This Group

Source: Krystyna Panek

#7. The Final Boss Of McDonald’s

Source: Cat Walker

#8. Pilk Is Now Canon

Source: Lance Elliott

#9. Prescribed Diarrhea

Source: Adam Wright

#10. Keep Track Of How Many Times You Fart Per Night

Source: Nicole Greco

#11. First Thing I’m Looking For In A Toothbrush: Flammability

Source: Marc-Antoine Bond

#12. Occasionally, I Enjoy Ads In Phone Games

Source: Graeme A.B. Schranz

#13. I Appreciate The Honesty

Source: Raki Delboy Delić

#14. I Can’t Imagine Why They Would Mark Them Down

Source: Amanda Renee

#15. The Bus And The Grass Are So Damn Pixelated, Thought This Was A S**tpost

Source: Simas Topkekavičius

#16. Just What

Source: Marnelle A. Espolong

#17. Jealous, A Can Here Is Like Fking 4 Dollars

Source: Anne Marie Newman

#18. Using Memes In Advertising

Source: Wil Bitts

#19. Honestly Thought This Was A Random Sh*tpost Not From Actual Aldi

Source: Liam Cuffin

#20. Friendly Reminder From The Bowling Green, Ky, Health Department

Source: Zona Josephine Gatewood Ascensio

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