19 Woozy Photos That Will Mess With Your Mind

Have you come across a tree that resembles an animal? Or have you ever seen a photo of someone with more limbs than usual? Indeed those woozy photos can startle us for a moment, but we all know they are created by taking the right shot at the right time and angle. Even though it's entertaining and fascinating to look at these pics, it takes several looks before we truly understand what is happening.
So get ready to be bewildered by some of the most confusing photos we've gathered on the Internet. At first, we bet these photos will make you scratch your head in confusion, but once you realize what they are about, you will find them hilarious. Don't believe us? Let's scroll down and check them out now!

#1. "These tinted windows make it look like we’re in the ocean."

Source: reddit

#2. When the bike seat gives you the side eye:

Source: StepWeiwu

#3. Congrats, now you have a cat-dog!

Source: unknown

#4. A pumpkin looks like a watermelon, shaped like an apple:

Source: reddit

#5. That is NOT a cracked egg.

It's a peach half in syrup tho.Source: reddit

#6. Having one enormous hand would be, well, handy...

Source: PerthCBD

#7. Wait... wha-

Source: QuiteAcquire

#8. Tiny limb?

Source: Michael0609

#9. "The snow/ice in this pic looks like the ocean"

Source: schweermo

#10. Genuinely struggled to figure out how someone could ride this bike...

Source: _thedailymail

#11. A dog with two legs:

Source: MrAlek360

#12. Nice... glass

Source: leighemi

#13. I have so many questions???

Source: msp3_axela

#14. Just when you thought someone was playing Hide and Seek with the UK Prime Ministe...

Source: MrB-S

#15. Looks like his feet are facing the wrong way:

Source: bmathis21

#16. No, this is not cannibalism.

Source: Snoo76971

#17. Her head is floating.

Source: HooptyDooDooMeister

#18. If it fits, I sit:

Source: Quixoticpropjet441

#19. Missing something?

Source: pgkobrien

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