19 Times People Forgot Things And Shared The Result On The Internet

It's annoying when you forget things. Everything from the minor details, such as entering a room and then standing there idly, to the significant ones, such as observing how significant dates, facts, and tasks progressively fade from your memory. All of us have been there. And we all know that seeing your memory deteriorate can be unsettling, annoying, and downright frightful.
But do not worry if this worries you. It's just how our minds function, which is wonderful news. Additionally, it seems to sometimes result in circumstances that are quite humorous.
We have compiled a compilation of the funniest and most relevant images showing people dealing with the absurd outcomes of their haphazard approach.

#1. Forgot my wife was away - rolled over in bed to see this!

Source: BristolBudgie

#2. Forgot to turn the heating on in the morning, came home to this.

Source: Pascirex

#3. Forgot to give him his "Go" command for food. Poor wee pudding sat there for about ten minutes and didn’t make a peep.

Source: Herwiththetwodogs

#4. Doing my will. Needed some info from my brother. Messaged him to ask his address and job title. Failed to remember today was his birthday.

Source: JessBowie

#5. Forgot I had a dentist appointment and didn't have time to change. They think I am crazy in the waiting room.

Source: Possibly_

#6. My mom swore she already made me a waffle, but we couldn’t find it. So she made another one and I grabbed a fork....

Source: FrustratedLemonPrint

#7. Don't forget to wear your seatbelt, ladies.

Source: [deleted]

#8. Last year I forgot to get batteries for my niece’s toy so this year she got me this

Source: panoparker

#9. My wife forgot to leave for me the carseat to take our son to the babysitter's house. This is the picture I sent when she asked how I was going to get him there. I then turned off my phone for the next 4 hours.

Source: Big-D_OdoubleG

#10. Drew this for my bf this morning and forgot about it. Scared the poop out of myself.

Source: EclipseCaste

#11. Throwback to when my mom forgot to submit my senior baby ad for the yearbook and asked my dad to do it

Source: JestarAuthor

#12. I guess he forgot to switch accounts

Source: lowtire

#13. I asked my son what he wanted from Taco Bell. He said he wanted nothing. Now he's crying uncontrollably because he "forgot that Taco Bell has tacos".

Source: NuevoJerz

#14. Ps Went in our supply closet. Looks like we forgot to give these out.

Source: inventorofinternet

#15. Put both on this morning to get wife’s opinion. Forgot to change before I left and was at work all day like this.

Source: feltonpbeaver

#16. When you live in Svalbard, Norway and forgot to close the window to the home office

Source: Kjakan

#17. I got a panoramic xray of my teeth the other day. The dentist forgot to have me remove my glasses.

Source: maggiemoocorgipoo

#18. At my apartments, you need a key fob for entry. Only problem is I forgot the key inside. I walked out and let the door shut behind me before realizing he wasn’t outside yet. Now we wait LOL

Source: AlannaWest

#19. I left my snow broom leaning on my car and forgot about it. When I drove away, it had frozen to the ground and stayed standing.

Source: Charles_W_Morgan

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