19 Times Drinking Didn't End Well

More than 50% of adults have blacked out at least once in their lives. It's kinda shocking, we know. But getting drunk and stepping into that party zone is something that a lot of us have done at least once in our lives. While we try to be responsible and drink in moderation most of the time, there are still moments when we have a little too much fun and oh, it didn't end well.
From mistaking bars of soap for chocolate fudge to driving cars into pools, these drunk fellas might not have remembered the crazy stuff they got up to, but they will definitely be shocked to hear what they did the night before. So let's hop on the ride with us to see everything people can get into when they are as drunk as a skunk. By scrolling through this post, we hope not only that you can have a good time, but also that you take this post as a quick reminder to consume alcohol responsibly. Also, we don't advocate heavy drinking or hard partying. So if you or someone you know has a drinking problem, please ask for help from professionals.
Without any further ado, let's scroll down and check them out!

#1. When you're trying to stay up at the party:

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#2. "My girlfriend called me upset but didn't give me any details, turns out she got drunk and locked herself out of the apartment."

Source: MrDicksnort

#3. It almost worked.

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#4. “Yesterday my friend totally rocked the dancefloor and did splits...Now she has to use crutches.”

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#5. Big ouch!

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#6. “My wife swears she wasn’t drunk when she made this order. She hates chocolate and we never play tennis.”

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#7. On the way home from Oktoberfest

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#8. "I only had 2 drinks last night"

Source: dodheim

#9. "Just needed a little nap."

Source: kayy_mat

#10. "So my brother got blackout drunk the other night. He found this in his toaster the next morning."

Source: AbstractCeilingFan

#11. “My friend was drunk when he decided to tattoo himself with neither experience nor artistic ability.”

Source: yllwsnow2

#12. It must’ve been one epic night...

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#13. Well fella, it's time to go home

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#14. “No wonder I didn’t get up on time today.”

Source: sammyfrisa

#15. The important thing is to not forget the pillow.

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#17. The Creation of Adam (c. 1508-1512)

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#19. "Boyfriend was drunk last night. I woke up to this..."

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