19 Humorous Coworkers Who Make Your Workplace A Circus Everyday

If you feel bored at work, we would assume that you are not lucky enough to have hilarious people around. You might not have heard about this before but having funny coworkers is such a blessing. They could lift up everybody's mood with their witty sense of humor. Their jokes could prevent you from sleepiness, tiredness, and boredom. Do you know what the best thing about it is? They do it for free. And literally every day. That somehow could lead to better productivity because everyone is all in such a good mood.
To show you what we’re talking about, we just made a list of 19 humorous coworkers who probably make workdays more enjoyable. If you want to see more of the same, check out our previous post here.

#1. This coworker took their coworker's annoying habit and made it into art

Source: unthused

#2. A coworker said there was a walk-in fridge in the break room……wasn’t disappointed.

Source: Pwnspoon

#3. "How one of my coworkers wrapped his Secret Santa gift"

Source: trevorda92

#4. "My wife, who calls me “Poop”, made lunch for me this morning to take to work. My coworkers all thought I was gross."

Humorous CoworkersSource: CCbaxter90

#5. "My coworkers got me a cake for my last day on the job."

Source: storky0613

#6. "My coworkers made a cake for my name day."

Humorous CoworkersSource: dimebag1976

#7. "I think my coworker doesn't like sharing anymore."

Source: eldelao

#8. "Coworker put a price on a beer in the fridge, I decided to haggle the price down"

Humorous CoworkersSource: eldelao

#9. "The cake at my coworkers going away party"


#10. "My co-workers way of motivating himself to drink more water"

Humorous CoworkersSource: itsmemario97

#11. "Celebrating my first divorceversary and the office girls bought me a cake. I'm so lucky I work with such humorous coworkers"

Source: Versaton

#12. "My coworker's motivational strip on his computer."

Humorous CoworkersSource: Master_Yeeta

#13. "My coworker knows I hate Minions"

Humorous CoworkersSource: nuorimaa

#14. "My coworker put this on our office door at the hospital I work at."

Humorous CoworkersSource: axel2191

#15. "Coworker hates puns and hates bananas. So I left him this."

Humorous CoworkersSource: xIR0NPULSE

#16. "My former coworkers were so supportive towards me changing jobs, they got me a cake!"

Humorous CoworkersSource: Timmytimebomb007

#17. "Coworker made this for me. I guess he's trying to send me a message."

Source: CrazyChrain

#18. "Found this today at work"

Source: kenbez123

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