18 Unusual Body Features That Make You Stand Out

The human body is such a crazy thing. Indeed, over about 6 million years of evolution, our bodies, which include 206 bones, a couple of gallons of blood, around 600 muscles, and much more, are capable of incredible things. However, despite sharing the same basic structure, each individual has a different appearance and unusual body features.
Take the photos that people shared below as an example, and you will be amazed at the unique features that humans have. Whether those features are a result of a health condition or are congenital, we believe they will still surprise you and provide you with knowledge about the human body.
So let's get your daily dose of knowledge and surprise by scrolling down and checking them out with us!

#1. "My wife has Raynaud’s Syndrome"

Source: grecianformula69​

#2. This cutie has different colored eyelashes.

Source: Ronppane

#3. "6 months of letting the white streak grow out, embrace your patches!"

Source: araballamariella

#4. This guy has Pac-man eye and it doesn’t cause any noticeable sight problems

Source: Hopes_End

#5. "My daughter's hair is falling out leaving a little mohawk"

Source: Dr_WhoYouLookingAt

#6. "Met a new cousin yesterday with 6 toes"

Source: benbernards

#7. 2 legs, 2 different colors

Source: chronic-void

#8. "My sister has a missing Knuckle. Her finger still works but it’s just short."

Source: Wolfsaz

#9. Albinism can cause people to have purple your heart out, Liz Taylor!

Source: albychan03

#10. Unexpected eye difference after anesthesia

Source: -Blink182-

#11. "I was born without finger or toe prints."

Source: jedWanderMouse

#12. "Off-center pupil I've had since birth."

Source: Nintendeion

#13. "Yes, I am taller than the door."

Source: Reddit

#14. Holt-Oram syndrome can cause people to lack bones in their hands and arms.

Source: ecured

#15. And Triphalangeal thumbs have extra bones, making them resemble the other fingers.

Source: Imgur

#16. Tom Cruise's central tooth

Source: thesun

#17. "I’m a female and have a beard from a medical condition. Here’s hair removal progress"

Source: thecurlybuzz

#18. "My thumbs are toes"

Source: jfrankel69

#19. "My 15-year-old cousin's hand compared to my wife's hand."

Source: magnanimous14

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