18 Unfortunate People Who Are Just Like Magnets For Bad Luck

You will have both, days that are full of sunshine and flowers, and ones that are filled with dark clouds and storms. Just know, everybody has had unfortunate events at some point in their lives and those things don't last forever.  And instead of feeling frustrated or angry, some people choose to face their difficulties with great humor. Camera on! Shoot! Now that they already share their stories on the Internet, they don't have to suffer bad things alone.
To help you feel better, we made a list of 18 people who we think are just like magnets for bad luck. We really appreciate their positive attitude in dealing with bad things, and that's worth sharing. Check out our previous articles here and here for more!

#1. You're at work and this happens

Source: burpingmike

#2. Winter Siberian make-up. Enjoy!

Source: RitaRudzinsky

#3. When the stylist says "I'm having a tough time with your hair line!"

Source: cleanshoes30

#4. Allergic to hair dye

Source: kepalajabu

#5. Getting pissed on by a lemur

Source: ratherGall99

#6. I’ll just do my makeup in the car like a stupid idiot

Magnets For Bad LuckSource: peperoni_dog_farts

#7. Attempted to shoot an archery video

Source: TheTim

#8. Got a new printer. The old one didn’t go out without a fight.

Source: jamesfn7

#9. Closed the dishwasher and the cabinet decided to kill itself

Source: joshuambrose

#10. Grabbed 4 "hard-boiled" eggs from the fridge this morning omw to work

Magnets For Bad LuckSource: tashablue

#11. Came home for a week to help my parents out with some yard work. Turns out, I don’t know what poison ivy looks like..

Magnets For Bad LuckSource: BEARDBAR

#12. Never broke a phone before I’m my life, first day I get my new one with no insurance I drop it 4 feet and this happens

Source: Powerful-Highway-1

#13. Leaned a little too far over the fire the other night…

Magnets For Bad LuckSource: oopsk

#14. Guess I should probably turn the activity feature off for a few months (look at my right foot)

Source: umlizzyiguess

#15. My cola exploaded inside the freezer

Magnets For Bad LuckSource: ReformedShady

#16. This happened when I got home after a 13-hour work day.

Magnets For Bad LuckSource: Blotzkrieg

#17. In the middle of the night, I apparently thought this was my earbuds case

Magnets For Bad LuckSource: Blotzkrieg

#18. Looks like my phone won’t be charging today

Magnets For Bad LuckSource: PurelyForLolla

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