18 Times People Share Things They Regret Seeing

No doubt, life is weird. Probably it is partly (or mainly, to be exact) because humans are born with a wild imagination. Some just cannot stand keeping their crazy thoughts just thoughts. They feel the great urge to make their insane ideas come true and just can't wait to show the world. If you still can't get what we are talking about, keep scrolling down!
We scoured the Internet and made a list of 18 times people share things they really regret seeing. But it's too late and they can never unsee now. Check them out now and share with us if you have seen one of those!

#1. "New table I saw today at a friend's house."

Source: Rebeccaissoawesome

#2. "Thanks, I hate inappropriately "festive" alfredo"

Source: sirkidd2003

#3. "Thanks, I hate soup"

Source: superfleh

#4. "Thanks, I hate this felted teletubby"

Source: charon_07

#5. "Thanks I hate Coonthulhu"

Source: rastroboy

#6. "Thanks I Hate Vulture bees, they feed on rotting meat instead of nectar and their honey is called meat honey. This is their hive."

Source: ggdabs

#7. "Thanks, I hate the mouth of an Arctic lamprey"

Source: exo_duz

#8. "Thanks, I hate this cookie"

Source: Tegurd

#9. "Thanks, I hate this bubbly metal scorpion"

Source: Excellent-Space3036

#10. "Thanks, I hate this combination"

Source: Inedible-denim

#11. "Thanks I hate human fleshlight with attached gravy-scraper"

Source: Angry-_-Crow

#12. "Thanks I hate peanut butter and onion sandwiches"

Source: WildcatEmperor

#13. "Thanks, I hate when your sleeping dog's eyes are "open"

Source: alazystoner420

#14. "Thanks I hate Furbeany"

Source: flhx107

#15. "Thanks, I hate latte foam art"

Source: 12345-12345-

#16. "Thanks, I hate bananas now."

Source: supportwomenswrongs

#17. "Thanks, I Hate eyed button-down shirts"

Source: Manaan909

#18. "Thanks, I hate Jar Jar Binks lollipops that require intimate tongue suckling to consume"

Source: OptimusTardis

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