18 "That's Awesome" Things That People Came Across By Chance

The internet was initially developed for military use before being broadened to serve as a communications platform for academics and other professionals. But as we all know, the project's creators intended for people to post wonderful content on it.
And as soon as people figured out how to make that function, Reddit and finally r/Awesome appeared. With currently close to 1 million members, r/Wonderful is a dedicated community that shares anything that its members deem awesome.
It doesn't matter if it was something they discovered offline or online, something they or their friends produced, or even experiences of any kind; it finds its way to this subreddit for everyone to enjoy and participate in.
You may see a list of those below, as we searched through the subreddit in search of the best-of-the-best items people discovered that simply had to be shared.

#1. “I found a small crab when opening an oyster”

#2. A lit, iced-over lamp.

#3. “My old onion perfectly protected it’s flesh from mold.”

#4. From 1991–2007, Boston Moved Their Highway Underground. Here Are The Results

#5. Tree growing out of a retaining wall drain.

#6. This light attached to the lamp-post projects a picture on the ground to show where the sidewalk is in case of snowfall.

#7. A promotional matchbook for the movie Alien (1979) my mother found in our garage..”

#8. The Mall of America parking ramps have parking availability lights to let people know if there’s a spot available.

#9. “My brother’s wall of board games.”

#10. A self-serve wine sample tap in a German supermarket.

#11. My local pizza shop uses a peel shaped like a battleaxe.

#12. This spoon is a bottle opener.

#13. Japan uses sprinklers that spray warm underground water to melt the snow on the roads

#14. Insiab, a Libyan solar company, has constructed solar-powered water wells equipped with laser beacons in the Libyan Desert to guide travelers and lost people to water sources.

#15. This petrol station built under a housing block.

#16. “The water reflecting off our old trampoline makes it look invisible.”

#17. Sand on snow on sand


#18. This cactus is growing another cactus

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