18 Terrible Designs That Deserve To Be Shamed Online

People have different tastes and different definition of art. Some can see one thing as beautiful, but others don't. And that's very normal because people have their personal preferences. Having said that, we can't help but shame terrible designs like those in the list below. We don't know what whoever come up with such ideas were thinking then. They of course exceeded the limits of creativity and didn't know their products are total disasters.
We found this subreddit r/BadDesigns where awful designs got shamed because they deserve that. We made a compilation of 18 of the worst (or the best) ones to share with you. Scroll down to see. If this kind of content is your thing, check out our previous post here!

#1. Low sloping ceiling, only lets sit on the toilet!

Source: MathiasCruz2099

#2. This book is zamazing!

Source: F-KR

#3. What does that even spell???

Source: Mister_NoseyBonk

#4. Juice packaging design

Source: MukiMuki261

#5. Did there even need to be a face on this?

Source: UrNotPierce

#6. Mickey Mouse hand sanitizer holder at animal kingdom!

Source: lawzzz2

#7. So, nobody at the magazine caught this?

Source: keith2301

#8. That’s not bad design…that is intentional design.

Source: Nancypants_I

#9. Lliibefernad…Aw forget it

Source: NathanForJew

#10. Shitty marbling. How does someone get this disconnected from reality to let this happen??

Source: Pluto-RS

#11. Vegan nightmare

Source: MouseApprehensive464

#12. How are you even supposed to drink out of this?

Source: DetailedGlobal

#13. "Say to sliders drugs say to no yes". This sign is terrible on multiple levels.

Source: HanSoloWolf

#14. Buy some ice cream, kids!

Terrible DesignsSource: Yoghiz1

#15. This Italian design lighter

Source: alessiejaa

#16. "I'm not sure if she lost a couple of waist lines or what..."

Terrible DesignsSource: SignatureMindless

#17. "I just wanted to learn about Jesus"

Source: SignatureMindless

#18. "I found this creature at a natural park"

Terrible DesignsSource: Finixeee

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