18 Stupid Beggars On The Internet That Will Drive You Insane

Have you ever seen stupid beggars ask for something and you give in? I believe you've encountered cases like that before, but we doubt you'll agree to their request. Do you agree that we can't get what we desire for free? "What you pay for is what you get." You can't have a premium version if you can only afford a budget one; for instance, you can't have a phone with 1TB of storage if you can only afford one with 128GB.
We found an online community called /rChoosingBeggar, which is dedicated to sharing screenshots, pictures, or stories of people who are being way too picky when begging for things. These beggars believe they deserve something else without any reason. Here are 18 stupid beggars on the internet that will drive you insane. Scroll down to check them out. Enjoy!

#1. The horse lady wants $80,000 off

Source: doorman666

#2. Spending the night in custody was bound to happen

Source: heyrevoir

#3. Free mullet

Source: Chow_17

#4. When you don't feed the photographer

Source: notreallyprincess

#5. Make me a picnic, but you pay me

Source: mishelly1986

#6. Seems like a fair entry-level job. Oh, wait

Source: wickedstepmonster

#7. Begging for free art

Source: Reddit

#8. Another great job offer

Source: rubber_padded_spoon

#9. Matching tattoos

Source: _psychedella___

#10. A whole $60 per month

Source: kingsville010

#11. Free new SUV

Source: 0rcvilleRyte

#12. Complaining about someone helping with an unreasonable request

Source: Underoooss

#13. No smaller

Source: LookALesbian

#14. Reverse choosing beggar

Source: savage_garden_

#15. Premium-Quality Firewood

Source: 17051bd

#16. Ahellovailable

Source: SnooAdvice7782

#17. Payment offered for a concert

Source: assasin125

#18. A discord nitro giveaway

Source: DerpityDerp__

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