18 Silly Everyday Mistakes People Wish They Could Undo

No matter who you are and where you are from, you are likely to make mistakes one way or another. It's totally okay because nobody is truly perfect, even the wisest and most well-put people you know also mess things up sometimes. You can make mistakes and you can learn from them, that's what really matters. However, there are also times when it is best for us to just laugh at our silly everyday mistakes and let them go without looking back. Why? Because it is very embarrassing to recall such weird, awkward moments when we put shame on ourselves in front of others.
To show you what we're talking about, we scoured the Internet to find 18 examples of people making silly everyday mistakes to share with you! Check them out and have a good laugh!

#1. Just makin' smoothies

Source: Haganblount

#2. Mistakes were made in the media

Source: Nordisali

#3. "Saw this at an ice rink, there was another set of doors like this there too."

Source: electricburger1

#4. "My friend's GF's dad sent them an xxxxl cutting board for their housewarming by mistake."

Source: gwackr

#5. This is why they should be mounted on the wall in the first place

Source: FowelBallz

#6. You can just imagine what mistakes were made here

Source: love2go

#7. "Somehow I new they'd screw this up..."

Source: LiquidCracker

#8. It's almost like those cones are there for a certain reason or something

Source: Zanzibear

#9. Mistakes were made

Source: Sariel007

#10. "I’d like a venti coffee parm and a garlic frappucino."

Silly Everyday MistakesSource: LaurenSomm

#11. Some men just want to watch the world burn

Source: linkdafourf

#12. "I ordered wrapping paper online, there was a mistake and now I have a massive poster of my face, I'm not even mad."

Silly Everyday MistakesSource: SpontaneousCupcake

#13. "I don't think he realized he'd be filmed from this angle."

Source: thexlr8tr

#14. Whoever designed this logo made a terrible mistake

Silly Everyday MistakesSource: j1002s

#15. "So my girlfriend didn't want to lose the keys to her lock..."

Silly Everyday MistakesSource: xAIRGUITARISTx

#16. "I don't think my mom understands how her rice cooker works"

Silly Everyday MistakesSource: Uedn

#17. "Someone at my stepdads work put dry ice in the toilet by mistake."

Silly Everyday MistakesSource: Samaraiii

#18. This failed panorama photo of a dog

Silly Everyday MistakesSource: Bomber_Max

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