18 Rude And Inconsiderate Customers That Nowhere On Earth Would Welcome

Perhaps the first and foremost criterion of an employee who works in some sort of customer service is patience. If you have worked in a restaurant or a supermarket, probably you have encountered several annoying, entitled and rude customers that could instantly make your blood boil. There are people who think when they pay money, they have the power to control others and the whole business has to revolve around them. There are also some who are just ... weird. They may have no idea about how strange their actions are and just don't adjust their behaviors in public places.
Many managed to capture times when they spotted customers acting weird, rude and inconsiderate and shared them on the Internet. We've compiled a list of 18 of the most irritating moments to share with you. Scroll down to check them out!

#1. Gender reveal in a restaurant? Why not?

Source: fibbybob

#2. Drunks in a college town being such a problem the local doughnut shop has to close the lobby during bar hours

Source: grizzlyzach

#3. This was posted in as restaurant facebook group

Source: somnifacientsawyer

#4. Leaving your used bandaid for your server to clean up during a pandemic.

Source: Red69black22

#5. Tipping with an IOU

Source: TrulyEnigmatic

#6. Changing a babies diaper on a restaurant table.

Source: darkchihuahua85

#7. Displaying your bare feet in a restaurant

Source: boozinBanthony

#8. Lady applying foot powder to her feet at the restaurant

Source: boozinBanthony

#9. Using having kids as an excuse not to tip servers who may also have kids to feed

Source: _Atoms_Apple

#10. "the big family behind us at the food court when they left"

Source: reddit

#11. FYI codes for point boosters in that game are located under the caps. Fuck whoever did this

Rude CustomersSource: Caxxy111

#12. Someone decided to make a bowl of cereal in Target

Rude CustomersSource: GenieOfTheLamp510

#13. McDonalds in Scotland

Rude CustomersSource: zielon001

#14. "We see stuff like this on a daily basis"

Rude CustomersSource: empire1018

#15. No need for context!

Rude CustomersSource: TomatoTaste

#16. Whoever did this, for shame. For shame.

Source: reddit

#17. Man responded to not immediately receiving his check by signing his name on the table in ketchup

Rude CustomersSource: drukqsx

#18. "A friend of mine is a server and received this."

Rude CustomersSource: duque121

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