18 Posts That Make You Go 'Hold Up'

Hold up! Something does not seem right here! That's the reaction of most people after reading any post from this online community on Reddit known as Hol'Up, wait a min. This group is dedicated to sharing screenshots of tweets or texts that make you read at least twice to understand what is going on.
Scroll down to see our selection of the best posts that make you go Hol'UP! shared on this group. Don't forget to join them on Reddit when you're done reading this article!

#1. That's good to hear...wait what???

Source: Only_Sea_9903

#2. Kon fusion

Source: Janiynj

#3. The struggling guy

Source: shadman531

#4. Everyone’s childhood dream

Source: FrostilySurfeit

#5. God sending all the speedrunners her way

Source: crackirkaine

#6. "I spend hours a day on Reddit and I haven't gotten addicted yet"

Source: captainrustysail

#7. TIL holdup

Source: c4p5L0ck

#8. At least he’s honest

Source: Thundercclap

#9. Wait until he turns 3 and ask again

Source: abdu113

#10. To be biodegradable

Source: korlam

#11. Let’s goooo

Source: The-Skinny-Indian

#12. That's how homies meet

Source: PDFfile69

#13. Big brain energy

Source: yok347

#14. So it's life saving WiFi. Usually, a lot more die per hour.

Source: Kassandra-19

#15. O..oh

Source: Traducement

#16. Heartbreaking…

Source: reddit

#17. The surprise

Source: DonGuillotine

#18. He came to save us

Source: Mapegz

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