18 Pictures That Will Show You What Real Movie Magic Is

Making a movie is a lot of hard work, but it can be fun too! Even the darkest and most serious films can have many hilarious moments behind the scenes. We bet that after looking at how a movie villain is made, you won't be able to fear them ever again. They suddenly just got a lot less terrifying and a lot funnier.
Goofy bloopers, wholesome stunt doubles, weird costumes with motion capture sensors, and green screen magic are what these pictures are all about. They show us how much effort was put into creating a cinema masterpiece. Behind every magical world you see on the screen is a huge team of people who work days and nights. They are real magicians who use their talents to give us good movies!
So let's uncover the real magic behind these magical Movies. Here are 18 pictures that will show you how things really are behind the scenes.

1. The Magic Of Digital Technology In Avatar

Source: 20th Century Fox/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

2. The Truth Behind The Knight Of Hearts’ Horse From Alice In Wonderland

Source: © Alice's Adventures in Wonderland / Sony Pictures Imageworks

3. How Buck in Call of the Wild Was Made

Source: © The Call of the Wild / 20th Century Fox Animation

4. Modern Magic On The Set Of The Hobbit

Source: Ian McKellen

5. A Quick Chat During The Filming Of The Hobbit

Source: © The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey / Warner Bros.

6. Mark Ruffalo On The Set Of The Avengers

Source: © marvelrussiaofficial / Instagram

7. Gal Gadot’s Comfy Costume On The Set Of Wonder Woman 1984

Source: © gal_gadot / Instagram

8. Doctor Strange’s True Magic

Source: © Doctor Strange / Weta Digital

9. The Making Of Gamora

Source: © zoesaldana / Instagram

10. How Geralt Was Created

Source: Henry Cavil

11. The Atmosphere On The Set Of The TV Series The Great

Source: © ellefanning / Instagram

12. Multitasking Aladdin

Source: © menamassoud / Instagram

13. Evan Rachel Wood Falling At Sleep On The Set Of Westworld

Source: © evanrachelwood / Instagram

14. The Dinosaurs In Jurassic Park

Source: Courtesy of Everett Collection

15. Scary Sharks From Jaws

Source: Courtesy of Everett Collection

16. The Giant Foods In Honey, I Shrunk The Kids

Source: Courtesy of Everett Collection

17. The Matrix

Source: Courtesy of Everett Collection

18. Planet Of The Apes

Source: Courtesy of Everett Collection

Those are some photos to show you what movie magic is like. If you want to uncover more interesting facts behind iconic movies, then check out this post. It will show you a whole new world and change the way you look at your favorite flicks.
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