18 Perfectly Timed Images That Will Have You In Stitches

Perhaps everyone would agree with us that perfect timing is all what we ask for. Food is served right when we are hungry, things appear when we need to look for them, people show up when we need them the most. That's also what many photographers out there need to create a masterpiece of their own. Sometimes, photography skills, years of experience in the field and a good camera are not enough. It could take them years to have a perfect moment that could save their whole career.
We made a compilation of 18 perfectly timed images people posted on this subreddit r/PerfectTiming to share with you. Be prepared to roll on the floor laughing. Don't forget to check out our previous post here!

#1. Escaping the Wave

Source: Profounddocument35

#2. That smile almost makes it look intentional.

Source: Ishbanbushi

#3. Elgin City FC fan gets nailed with a stray football while enjoying a coffee

Source: 91Marley

#4. "This bird scaring my mom"

Source: wavie_davie

#5. "My brother got slapped by a fish!"

Source: seego_beaz

#6. Way to keep an eye on the ball

Source: jaypi3583

#7. "Took my kid to see the baby zebra"

Source: Hi_im_awkward2

#8. Mid shake photo

Source: master_berend

#9. "My youngest daughter at the local bounce centre"

Source: Maelgwn42

#10. Comedy wildlife photo award winner - kicking kangaroos

Source: Cleverusername531

#11. Now gimme that, you!

Perfectly Timed ImagesSource: bastard_vampire

#12. "We were trying to take a nice photo with the dog. Wet boy had other plans"

Perfectly Timed ImagesSource: Historical_Ad6061

#13. "Best beer of my life"

Perfectly Timed ImagesSource: ninotheplot

#14. Bug in real life

Perfectly Timed ImagesSource: menesesnando

#15. Just another wedding in Russia

Perfectly Timed ImagesSource: seriesfeel55

#16. "My son was playing on the slide and slid wrong"

Perfectly Timed ImagesSource: CitizenPrayer

#17. Picture of the ground being fed dinner

Perfectly Timed ImagesSource: keahlian8d

#18. Headshot!

Perfectly Timed ImagesSource: SpankyNoodle

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