18 Online Shopping Fails That Go Beyond The Definition Of "Disaster"

Sometimes your expectations simply aren't met by reality. This is valid, particularly when shopping. It is unavoidable to occasionally have a bad buying experience, whether it be in-person or online. While it's true that shopping can be enjoyable, keep in mind that it can also be stressful. Have you ever received something completely different from what you ordered? We bet you're not the only one, though. Sadly, businesses will go to whatever lengths to make their products sellable, sometimes even at the expense of misleading their clients.
They will typically make every effort to advertise their goods in the most opulent way. A fantastic product and especially value for your money don't always follow a brilliant commercial or even good packaging. These are frequently just marketing tricks used by businesses to persuade consumers to buy their inferior products. Nevertheless, being a savvy shopper is the most important step in avoiding these purchase hazards. Before making a purchase, it does pay to read the product description and user reviews. When shopping online, especially, don't rely simply on the product's offered photo.
However, some businesses are so sly that it's difficult to know if they're actually providing a good deal or not. So, if you've fallen for one of these sneaky ploys, just put it down to experience. I just hope you don't get caught in the same trap again. Here are some of these shopping disasters to serve as a reminder that everyone has made some poor choices. Please share your worst shopping mishap with us in the comments section below.

#1. Buying Leggings Online

Source: Roses88

#2. “The ‘giant’ fish I ordered and what I received. I’ve never been more disappointed with a $2 purchase. My regular sized hand for reference.”

Source: okbyeseeyou

#3. “When you order your Halloween costume on”

Source: michaelbc92

#4. “A lot of packaging, very little chocolate”

Source: mrsh_u_pm

#5. “You can just see the tinnyyy amount of product I just bought for a ridiculous amount of money”

Source: WhoAmIReally1314

#6. Expectation – Reality

Source: GarryViman

#7. “bought rings online”

Source: alwaysgreat

#8. “The hiking boots I ordered online look a little different than the picture they provided”

Source: matyles

#9. “Paid for a first class train ticket advertising a ‘table’.”

Source: thematgraf

#10. “This transparent sun visor”

Source: peter_parker_ramirez

#11. “The sauce and cheese on this frozen pizza separated completely from the crust”

Source: Ecj7c5

#12. “Toothpaste dispenser, yo”

Source: PanchoPolleti

#13. “Putting outwardly imperceptible, laser etched branding on prescription glasses so the always look like they have a smudge on them to the wearer.”

Source: vid_icarus

#14. “Is this some kind of new technology, so that the expiration date is not faked?”

Source: morozq

#15. “A little surprise inside my cookie container”

Source: organicbabykale1

#16. “My New Nike free run shoes after my first run”

Source: yesporr

#17. “A friend ordered pizza, but it turned out to be a little different”

Source: baterpoint

#18. “AliExpress never ceases to please”

Source: Chatrix

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