18 Funny Posts Anyone Struggling To Find A Job Will Understand

Looking for a job is a full-time job. If you've been there, you already know what it really is. From writing cover letters, editing your CV, looking for open positions, sending emails, and waiting for a reply. The whole process requires lots of time and energy but the employers aren't making it easier. Perhaps, a "After careful consideration, we regret to inform you you're not the best fit" is not the worst. Many unfortunate people get ghosted after interviews and promises. Besides, some companies are being so ridiculous, they require years of experience for entry-level positions or just give non-committal answers about salary.
Only a few are lucky enough to get a job they want to stick with for the rest of their lives. Therefore, people struggling to find a job are going online to express their frustration. Check out our list of 18 of the most hilarious posts below!

#1. "I don’t think they’d last very long but it would make for some good television!"

Source: Meadbymead

#2. Then you get into the interview and they haven't even looked at your CV yet

Source: sablaah

#3. "Maybe I was just vibing…"

Source: luxeluxeluxe

#4. Anyone relate to this?

Source: illiteratetrash

#5. "So after a full day of applications I did this..."

Source: Ishtar__

#6. When a job posting says you’ll be part of a big family that works hard and plays hard

Source: jil_slander

#7. "Right. How bout u tell me about y’all?"

Struggling To Find A JobSource: Simply_GorJASZ

#8. Cover letters are the professional pick-me

Source: cowboypraxis

#9. "There's no way that I'm going to explain to someone why I want a job when it's extremely obvious that I want a job because I need money."

Source: bestinsio

#10. Does anyone actually read them?

Struggling To Find A JobSource: saratardiff

#11. At least you are getting rejection mail, some don't even send a reply

Struggling To Find A JobSource: 5UTAY

#12. And then they read it and ask you everything you put in the resume on the application and in the cover letter

Source: lilbrownhomie

#13. "I will drink to that"

Source: MrChonkers

#14. This happens all the time

Struggling To Find A JobSource: 6nomads

#15. You should have applied, for the bants.

Struggling To Find A JobSource: tiangolo

#16. Hire with your head and your heart

Struggling To Find A JobSource: ShubhraDalakoti

#17. Such a good solution

Struggling To Find A JobSource: danielmarven

#18. "Absolutely. I'm interviewing them too."

Source: thisisnotbrianm

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